E2008 maybe stupid questions

Hi guys,

Finally moved from the Hyundai onto a e-2008., few questions.

Does the e 2008 have a reverse sound as mine does not?

Cannot connect Apple car play via the lightning usb checked my settings there fine.

The Hyundai had that typical electric sound not sure if it’s been disabled on this one or it even has it is there a button to press to enable it?

Sorry if questions are stupid but this car is kinda hard to navigate

Thanns :blush:

Is it the 22 model ?
The Peugeot doesn’t beep when reversing just makes that stupid electronic sound.
Mind you I have never heard my 22model make the forward sound either :flushed:
Been to wet to listen for the sound but will now :grinning:

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71 plate and 11 thousand miles on clock so will be getting another one not too soon, also delivered needing a service 🫠

Mine came with 280 delivery miles on it

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Oh rub it in don’t you :rofl:

Sorry :crazy_face: ……

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Looks really good in that colour :+1:

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Apple Car play is often about the cable in Stellantis cars. I’d suggest trying a couple of other cables and see if that works.

Also worth noting is that the e2008 has a USB-C and USB-A in the dash. Carplay/Android Auto only works if you’re connected to the USB-A port. The USB-C port is for charging only.

Saying all of that, I had an early e208 that just wouldn’t connect at all. Nothing registered on either mine or my wife’s phone. Using the same cable/same phone has worked perfectly in e2008/eC4/Mokka.

EDIT - Also no questions are stupid questions. You wouldn’t be asking if it was obvious, so don’t worry.


Thanks I used the usb and no it works, I’m having trouble using the services on the app tho it’s not so straight forward :sleepy:

Do you mean activating the services so you can see your charge level etc?

You have to do a few trips for it all to sync up first

It’s VERY flaky once it’s working anyway. I find the app pretty pointless.


I know Hyundai’s one was very good!

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Yeah the Stellantis cars is the worst one.

Hyundai - pretty good
VW - average
Tesla - very good
BMW - slightly above average
Peugeot/Citroen/Vauxhall - poor

Those are the only apps I’ve used.