e-Up Experience

Whilst looking for tips, I saw a few messages saying the e-Up was under-represented on here…

So I’ll keep you all up-to-date if you’d like.

I’m looking forward to some Instavolt & WeConnect nonsense.


Arrived! On time, nice and early in the day - thanks Gary.

It’s a black 71 plate.

First trip - Instavolt Tonbridge. Failed first attempt, but fine second once I’d turned the ignition.

WeConnect - I failed the same way everyone has, stuck on the mileage input page. I sent an email, they sent that email back… but within a few hours, it works! Huzzah.

Apart from not finding the headlights (why do they want my right knee in charge of them?), I have no issues to speak of.

Great Stuff


Can you check something for me next time? Never had this with the Zoe, but it’s really annoying on the e-Up:

Is that normal that cold air is blasting to our legs even if the ventilation is switched off? Literally have to turn the heating on every time just to avoid our legs freezing.

Try putting re circulation on, the e-208 seemed to love blowing cold air in your face when heating was turned off as well, putting re circulation on stopped this


In my e-208, when I use the piano button to stop the heating, I press the one next to it at the same time (the recirculate one) and vice versa. Those piano lessons I had as a kid have finally paid off, although I’m not completely sure that I use the correct two fingers :wink:


Not turned on the blowers yet - but it certainly isn’t doing the foot thing already. I’ll keep an eye on it for you.

I did the exact same!



Not the smartest bear - most settings I change are forgotten next time I start up…

Lane keeping - probably deliberate, but wow it’s not good.
Temperature - ‘you want 22, right? yeah… but how about 22?’
Display settings too.

Still no proper issues though, which is good.

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Sounds like those sort of “features” you might find in cars I’ve had where the customer was also, coincidentally, the quality control! :thinking::joy:

Great News!

I’m going to be able to assess VW & Onto’s service with regards to repairs! Hooray!!

Watch this space.

Will there be any 2022 e-up?

VW did re-start a limited production run so there will be 2022 E-UPs made. But it doesn’t appear that Onto are getting any more of them.


I had one for a few months, returned it last week. What i found was:

Lane assist needed switched off all the time, where I live there’s lots of new bus/cycle lanes painted and the system got confused a lot so tried pulling me all over the place….

Climate control always reset to 22° after the car being switched off for a while, same with the radio station for some reason

My ONTO tracker system caused an electrical system error to flag up on the car, so it would just cut out and not restart until I’d flicked the key on and off a few times

It’s range isn’t good if you’re doing motorway journeys. My parents are a 50 mile round trip from my house and it would use around 50%

Other than that it’s a good wee city car! My only reason for returning it was the lack of available public chargers here. I’m in a first floor flat so home charging wasn’t an option

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Perfect city car

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Repair: Many, many phonecalls later, I’m waiting for the garage lined up by Onto, no Driveline, no Zurich, no FMG. Still driveable, so not concerned by the wait.

New Problem! Home, granny charger’s stopped working. Just click/clunks under the bonnet over & over, light stays yellow - cable seems fine. Still charges at Tesco, so that’s something.

This car is not easy to get along with.

Are you saying the AC granny charger has failed and the AC charging at Tesco works OK, or is Tesco DC rapid charging?

PodPoint 7kW charger, seemed to work fine - will go back and get a charge when I’ve time.

Despite the correct lights from the granny, do you think it’s the cable?

Am I mistaken when I read this in a chinese accent?


can you try the granny lead at another property? Sometimes the fault can be caused by earth readings not being within spec (so the Renault fanboys keep saying?)

Alternatively, can you see if another EV charges from your home on the same granny lead?


Ditto above. Granny chargers will not work if they detect any earthing issue with the house electrics. The car is charging on AC so the issue is the granny charger or the house electrics.