E-208 vs ID.3 (general chat)

With the impending arrival of the ID.3, another swap may be on the cards for me in the not too distant future.

Started this thread on SpeakEV, which may be of interest to some others here, seeking opinions on how these two compare (particularly on the subjective stuff) from anyone who’s driven both (probably not many have I suspect).


Whilst the ID.3 will undoubtedly be the better car in terms of (most of) the objective stats, I am sort of thinking that subjectively I’d prefer the e-208 if I were to swap.


Wait til winter and the e-208 range shrinks below 100 miles…

Yeah, the (promise of eventual) warmer weather is partly why I decided to get the e-208 now, thinking that I could then swap into something else come autumn/winter.

Having said that, there’ll hopefully be many more 100kW+ chargers around in 6 months and I weirdly actually quite like stopping to charge for up to about 20-25 minutes :rofl:

I think the e-208 will almost definitely be the more fun to drive!

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Can’t remember who, but I know someone wrote a list of pro’s and cons on the ID.3 vs the E-208.

Does anyone have that list? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Think that was ID.3 vs Kona, cant recall one vs e208

I haven’t done an e208 vs ID.3 one as the price difference is quite significant, but I will do one :+1:

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