E-208 Tyre Puncture


Any idea how much the cost will be for a tyre to be replaced due to a puncture?

I have booking for next week Thursday to have replaced but didn’t expect it to be so many days for replacement.

I did ask about taking myself but felt like when I mentioned wasn’t preferred and anything goes wrong would be my fault for any damages.

Tyre puncture from dreaded pot hole/s on stretch coming off the motorway.

Problem I have is location stay is fairly remote and stuck due to mobility issue.

No car replacement and not sure now if I can as example pay taxi to get shopping to then bring back home?

Majority of family/friends live over 50 miles away so I cannot ask them.

I really don’t have enough shopping in as Sunday is normally the day I go and stock up.

Thanks for any info.

Suggest you call onto CS and see if they can expedite a mobile fix service as that’s way too long a wait, regardless of being remote or not. Push for it to be done tomorrow at latest.

Thanks for the response,

I had a feeling when speaking to driverline if someone came out quickly, I would have to pay for emergency call out.

Was planning to order takeaway :joy: for today and then call tomorrow to see what I can do till Thursday.

100% have taken driving for granted and maybe time to look at online shopping.

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You will have to pay for someone to come out if you cant get the car in earlier, think its £65 or was on top of the tyre cost…

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Depending where the puncture is located, they may be able to repair the tyre. This should be much cheaper.

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Thanks for the response and something to think about, it’s just right now really wanted to be saving money.

Moving from left lane to right (50mph in 60mph zone) with the pot hole in the middle of the road. Think it’s more the tyre pinch while hitting the hole so would be the inner wall of the tyre.

I never thought replacing tyres could get so expensive!

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Hey @Known12345 ,

Really sorry to hear this, I hope you got it sorted?

Having spoken to our Maintenance team, we would be okay with you replacing the tyre yourself, however, things to be aware off:

  • The cost may be higher than going via our Tyre Line
  • The tyre must be the same spec and a premium brand (i.e Michelin, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Kumho etc…)
  • If damage is caused during the swap, you may be invoiced for the damage on return

It’s something that we would ideally like to avoid for the above reasons, however, if you find it a must it may be useful to have the above information to hand! Hope this helps, and apologies you found the experience poor.

I have also escalated this to the Maintenance team to review with our partner.

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Hello Ben,

Thanks for the response also.

Sadly looked at the tyre and it is flat with no air so driving will just shred inside of the tyre I believe. I cannot see puncture mark on the wheel so will just have to wait it out.

I haven’t been able to get any quote for tyre replacement though or cost if they can fix at site.


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Hi @Known12345 ,

I have sent you a PM.

Please could you have a look in your inbox for me? Lets try to get this sorted.

Many thanks,

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Thank you Ben,

You have put me at ease and before the call was feeling a little worried with the wait etc.

Will follow your comments and will update on here once resolved. Honestly surprised with the call and the help, with someone just listening to what happened etc.

10/10 for customer service


Hey @Known12345 ,

It was a pleasure, I’m really sorry that my plan fell through, however, I’m glad that you got an unexpected call to try and sort your problem out!

Yes, please do. I’d be eager to know how you got on, and I can also feed this back to our other teams to try and resolve some of the issues you’ve experienced :grin:


Hello @BenR_at_Onto

Person has arrived today and will be swapping tyre out early.

He is still going around other tyres running his checks but said the passenger side is approaching needing swap, so to contact yourselves. Back passenger tyre he said is 3.4?

I asked if they could pass on the report to your team to look at to see covered under wear and tear?

Really grateful you for them to come early and thanks for your efforts.

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Hey @Known12345 ,

Great result, that should go to our Maintenance team - They should pick this up pretty quickly!

Also, @Amy_at_Onto would you be able to progress chase this, and ensure @Known12345 is kept in the loop/updated with the outcome?

Many thanks,

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I have an e2008 and recently had to get a tyre change as a bolt had went through the tyre and was charged £198 which I felt was a bit excessive especially when I had a tesla and same thing happened and that was £160 so no sure why I was charged nearly £200 for a new tyre

Tyre prices vary greatly by brand/make/model and comparing different prices by cars is likely to show large differences. The cost will also depend on any callout that might be out of hours/weekend etc. The numbers you have quoted don’t sound far off what I would expect, but I would always check with online tyre services as if it was my own car/tyre that I was going to have replaced to ensure it’s fair.

You can always tag @BenR_at_Onto who might be able to comment here or offline.


Hey @Lanie85 ,

@burnt_crisps2 was very accurate in what has been said, the cost isn’t only for the tyre and does include the following:

  • Tyre replacement
  • Call out fee

When you received the invoice there should be a level of detail within it to further explain the charges :slight_smile:

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