E-208 - things that annoy you and things you love

Inspired by Things that annoy you on the ID.3

Thought it could be useful to have a single place for people to note what annoyances they have found on the e-208, and air their grievances!

…and also the little things people love about it

In no particular order:


  1. No SoC % display
  2. No kW charging power display
  3. No heated seats
  4. Weak heater
  5. Steering wheel too hard and uncomfortable
  6. Blind spot assist barely does anything
  7. Motor whine
  8. Touchscreen temperature setting


  1. Really comfortable seats
  2. Ambient lighting, interior lights, puddle lights
  3. Charge port doesn’t have an internal type 2 cover

ETA - updated the thread to also cover things people love - to make it more balanced and useful

  1. No one pedal driving
  2. No keyless unlock
  3. Charging port not on the nose
  4. Range very affected by temperature
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  1. Can’t pre-condition if SoC <50% (even when charging) - crazy and really annoying.
  1. Tiny glove box
  2. Slightly buggy OS
  3. Short front seat bases (for longer legged folks)
  4. Easily unsettled ride

(I can forgive these and 1-13 though, cos it’s a lovely car in so many other ways and am really loving my EV experience, including the ONTO model)


Yes, I would agree that the positives definitely outweigh the negatives.


This explains my issue :grimacing:

Also agree with this!!!

Another slight annoyance is that you can’t schedule a time for charging to stop - only for it to start.

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The alloys give me the fear as they are almost flush to the tyre and tyres are really thinline so a kerb or pot hole can be quite an issue. The low driving position and the delicate alloys aren’t made for constant parallel parking, or large pot holes, especially in the dark. :sweat_smile:


After a few longer motorway trips.

The cruise control really annoys me. Set it to 70mph but then the speed displayed on the speedometer dial moves out to 68 or 69 and stays there for a minute or so. I was increasing the CC to like 72 to get it to 70 then setting it at 70.

That really annoyed me but I do think it’s a great little car. Be sad to let it it go in September

ouch…not proving too popular…

If someone started a thread like this for the Zoe, you’d realise how good the e-208 is :wink:

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I’ve never been into small cars but I am currently planning on booking the E-208, seen a few in person and they are really nice looking cars especially in Faro Yellow but this doesn’t seem to be on the booking form currently.

There’s not much availability at the moment due to recent publicity that ONTO has got in the press.

Today a work colleague told me how popular my car is. She had been out to her vehicle during lunch break and said a group of people were admiring my yellow e-208, liking both the colour and the design.


Think a new batch of 208/2008/DS Ultra are due 30 September as showing all them available for Glasgow at least. Booked a 2008 for then. Hyunda Ioniq seems have a new batch 19th September. Was nothing available until a couple of days ago now loads for me. Hopefully brand new if all arriving 30th.