E-208 advising of service due in 1750 miles or 5 months?

The e208 is saying "Service Due in 1750 miles or 5 months) which would make it 5000 miles, is that really the first service? If so, do I need to call driverline to get it booked in or will ONTO sort that?

The “MyPeugeot” app is showing service due at 8000 miles (12 months), current mileage is 3100ish

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It didn’t like heavy snow interfering with the parking sensors either :rofl::see_no_evil:

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Just wondering what happened about this? Mine is also saying 5k miles on the dash, which is just ridiculous!

Yeah, mine’s showing this too, been that way for a couple of weeks.

The app says service due at 1 year or 4971 miles (which just happens to be 8000km).

I need to give Onto a ring about it.

It was swapped as soon as it possibly could’ve been :laughing:

Yes mines past 5k I emailed onto when the car said 1000miles to service and they said they will get back to me when it’s closer lol guess what still nothing wahhh

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I had it come up after couple months after having the car roughly about 4000 then I think but they booked it in to check anyway was done by mid day or sit and wait appointment jus cleared code

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So mines now booked in for 5th of June called up onto they were surprised it was due too I’ve done about 5k

I understand servicing intervals are 8000 miles/1 year.

Yet the car is saying it’s due in 400 miles, although I’ve only done 3300 miles.

The Peugeot App is saying 1year/4971 mi, 2 years/9942 miles, 4 years/19,884 miles.

Have we got the definitive answer on when the e-208 is supposed to be serviced. Seems to be many conflicting views, even from Peugeot.

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Even 8k miles is a joke for an EV clearly Peugeot wanting to be bringing in some extra £££ from their customers! I also saw somewhere that it was 8000 for initial service then 16k miles 2 years but god knows!

That seems incredibly low. The I-pace is 20,000 or 2 years and that seems too soon as it has so little to check over, like all EV’s.

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Just confirmed that I can ignore the Service Reminder as my car has done less than 5k miles.

Apparently you can get this reset by your local dealer if it becomes annoying. Needs to be booked through Driver Line.

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You can, like most cars, reset the service reminder, so it starts anew.

Of course it might decide to nag you again, even though it’s been reset, but should not do so until …. It’s past due :smirk::thinking: