E-2008 tinted

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Does the e-2008 come with tinted windows? And also anyone know what mileage you can get out of them realistically.


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Tinted on the back and mileage isn’t the best

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According to the brochure the car should have tinted rear windows.

All the Stellantis cars tend to be more disappointing than other EVs in terms of winter range, so be careful with this as we get more cold, wet and windy weather conditions. Especially since you’re coming from a Hyundai if I am not mistaken, this is probably going to be a mistake. At the cheaper end of the range, you’re best off with either Hyundai or Renault (Zoe) for winter range, and then go for a Stellantis car like the Peugeot in spring next year.

EV Database quotes the real world, worst case scenario range (Highway driving, winter weather, heater on) as little as 105 Miles. But this could be even shorter if you use your car for short journeys if you keep heating the car from cold, driving a few miles, parking for it to go cold then heating and driving a few miles again.

If you are sensible with your driving style and also use your heater to reach a comfortable warm temperature rather than hot you may well be able to beat this - But its very hard to guarantee without knowing your exact circumstances… Remember too this is with a 100% Battery. If you are relying on public charging you’re probably going to be working with less than this.


I’m only getting 130 max out of my Hyundai atm this winter, I’m sure it wasn’t that bad last year! I have a fast charger down the road and I can charge from slow I don’t go more than 30 miles most days so if I get 120/130 out of it I’ll be happy.

Are you in an Ioniq? If you are getting 130 Miles max you’re going to have a truly awful experience in the Peugeot. It’s way less efficient than the Ioniq.

Only thing I would mention is that you could have an unbalanced battery… How often do you do an AC charge session (7kW, not rapid) All the way to 100%? If you aren’t doing this at least once every few weeks, that would explain why you are getting such a low range. Doing the next few charges that way, and then once a month thereafter should bring things back to how they used to be, if this is what’s wrong.

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I had my car from new until two months ago had more of a charge than this one , everything about it screams it wasn’t taken care of, kinda one of the reasons I’m getting a different one for now….if the Peugeot is truly awful in terms of range I will swap down to a Zoe maybe…but as Iv said I don’t don’t more than 35 miles a day and when I do even going to birmigham i have to charge twice on the ioniq…so it can’t be much worse than that :rofl:

As Koda says above, Ioniq or Zoe are the best all round options for winter/price, so the Zoe should suit your swap, but it sounds like the Ioniq has an issue which needs fixing and that could be as simple as a full charge on AC which will ‘balance the cells’ and realise it’s maximum range potential. Best to do that first as you will loose out on the extra space in the Ioniq and some more tech if you switch to the Zoe.


Thanks for this general reminder. I have done this (almost by accident) in the ID.3 I currently have whilst going around inspecting public charging for ChargeSafe. But I haven’t yet consciously done this in the Mokky yet (in four months) and, as I’m giving that one back next month I shall be sure to do that to be good to its next custodian.

Incidentally, with the atrocious weather this morning I covered 138 miles and the ID.3 was only returning 3.2 mi/kWh (down from 4.1 average to 3.8 average over last few hundred miles). So even though it will show 140 on the GOM a 60mile drive reduced this to just 40. Just goes to show that whatever the car it’s going to be very variable on conditions.

It happened in our old ICEs of course, but we never held a microscope to it. :face_with_monocle::joy:

Sorry - taken us off topic - yes the Stellantis cars might average around about 4 mi/kWh but with only about 45 useable battery and variable winter conditions they’re definitely a Volt and Bolt Often machine for winter road trips. (Planning on coming back to one of the Stellantis Rash after the winter months myself - perfectly nice in summer! :smiley: :sun_with_face:

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I’ve been getting 160 out of my e-2008

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Well that’s fine for me as I’m not even getting 150 full charge out of Hyundai atm

Yes but we have been having exceptionally mild weather, some 10 degrees warmer than it should be at this time of year. (Global warming doesn’t exist :joy:)

Once we get some overnight frosts and single digit daytime temps, it will plummet.

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If you get anything above 140 in an e-Pug you’re obviously not driving it enthusiastically enough :wink:


:rofl::rofl: who are you you to judge

47 miles left at 46% SoC! What’s that, a range of just over 100 miles.

Although at 3.4mpkWh, it should be 70 miles. Guessing that figure doesn’t include heating, which must explain the difference.

So without heating, that’s a range of 153 miles, so only just behind @Wykey79 !


My 22model e2008 is usually between 3.7 -4.1kwh driving in Eco but got it as high as 5.1 up here in Scotland driving in Eco and B mode , but don’t like the b mode, never as good as Ioniq regen system

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I’m wondering if I’ll get a 22 model or 21 :thinking:

Can I ask how you get the Peugeot to regen? I’m fully charged it’s 7 degrees and I got 180 miles on full charge better than my ioniq’s ever were

Just put it in B mode, but find it grips when foot is on accelerator also. Just use it if going downhill now


If you’re fully charged there’s no available capacity to regen into. But just press ‘B’ on the drive selector.