DS3 Ultra Prestige

Hi All,

just booked a swap into the DS3 Ultra Prestige in grey, has anyone got any pics of theirs,

between myself an onto we couldn’t work out what grey it is they have as due to covid the advisors haven’t been able to see the cars, they believe its dark grey although the pics on the site are light, I’m hoping for dark !


Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ve decided to go with the black now ! fingers crossed there is more room than the 208 !

did you get a key with yours ?

Yes I did get a key, I’m returning mine on the 28th as the range is shocking and in use remaining range is abysmal, however it is a very nice car of you an put up with never quite knowing how much range you have left then you will like it :slight_smile:

Don’t expect to get a key with your car when it arrives. It sounds like the app access issues with the PSA Cars have now been fixed, so I don’t imagine you’ll be given one when it’s delivered.

I connected my e-208 to the post opposite my house and an ONTO DS3 was there and just reached 100%. Dash lit up and showed a range of 90 miles :dizzy_face:

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:open_mouth: yeah after looking at a lot of the reviews of the ds3 i have cancelled mine and decided to stay in the Peugeot,

i would prefer more space but as its a bigger car and on basically the same batteries it must have less road miles on it than the Peugeot, and the Peugeot is bad enough !

i do love the look of both cars though

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Ive had one for a couple of months now in black,the range isnt great im getting about 100 miles for a full charge using heating etc without and usingeco all the time i was getting about 130

I’ve got a black performance line the 22nd can’t wait! How you finding yours?

Swapped it for the ioniq ,but have the ultra prestige coming on the 16th so I can review it for my channel

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