DS3 Heating Questions

Anyone here had one of the DS3 cross backs. We’ve got a brand new prestige one.

Is there any way to heat the car when we are sat waiting for it to charge?

Also can’t quite work out how to get it to warm up in the morning before we get in.

Any help is appreciated.

Do you have the DS App installed on your phone and linked to the car? You should be able to set climate timers as well as immediately precondition that way.

Timers will only work while the car is plugged in and charging, and the app will work for immediate heating/cooling even while unplugged, but I believe you have to have more than 50% charge otherwise it will fail.

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I’d guess it’s similar to the 208, as both made by PSA.

To access accessories, press the start button without the foot brake on. You can then listen to the radio and have the heating on.

Preconditioning is done via the app. You can either set a time for the vehicle to be warm and ready to go. I believe this is about 21 degrees. Or you can launch the preconditioning and it will keep going until you get in the car and press the start button. In either case, unless you are plugged in, preconditioning only works while you have 50% SoC or more.

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I have the DS3 prestige you need the app and make sure you have Iver 50% charge then either set a time for each day or you can just hit the button and it will heat up

Also if it’s the same as the Pug the doors need to be locked even if your sat in it !!

Could anyone with the DS3 please just confirm for me that it doesn’t have adaptive cruise control?

From what I understand, DS only offer it on the ICE versions for some reason.

I have the ultra but haven’t seemed to work out if it has adaptive,it has the lane control which freaks me out as the car steers itself lol