DS3 Crossback Ultra

Hey guys.

Just wondering about the spec of the DS3 Crossback Ultra prestige. The onto pages quote that is has lots of the extended packs (safety and assistance). The Crossback brochure indicates this would include adaptive cruise control and extended lane keep assist… but I can’t seem to activate it and don’t have the button the manual suggests pressing.

Any ideas if it is indeed included on the onto Crossbacks? Cheers

No. To my knowledge it doesn’t have those features. I think it may be similar to what happened with the Peugeot where they recently changed the trim levels so they don’t match up to the current offering, assuming you are suggesting the DS brochure is saying the current Ultra Prestige should have extra features.

You’d probably be looking at the Kona or Ioniq to get these features.

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It’s has active lane assist,itbactually turns the steering wheel,shit me.up first time it happened lol.it doesn’t have adaptive cruise control though

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Ha yes, this is similar to the Zoe. I was hoping for the more advanced newer version that holds the car centrally as opposed from bouncing to side to side.

I would consider getting the Kona for £30 more a month. 19 (!) more kWh and proper lane following plus adaptive cruise control that can be activated from a stand still.

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That’s a sensible suggestion. I know Hyundai’s are generally great cars, the DS3 just seemed a bit different. I think I’ll stick with it during lockdown as I’m not going far, and look to swap to the Hyundai when we can go a little further :+1: