DS3 Crossback Ultra Prestige

I’m 1 month into my journey with Onto and the DS3 so thought I’d put my thoughts in a post for others.

Overall I quite like it, but as @Slimtrader10 concludes, I wouldn’t buy one. So here’s my rundown of the good and bad, although I’m fairly new to EV so I imagine this list would be a bit different if I had more experience.

What I like:
It looks pretty decent
The interior is alright, not super nice but good enough
The HUD is great as is the reversing camera
Keyless entry is a good feature
Lane assist and current speed display are all good, I also like how you can set the cruise control to the current speed with just a double tap of the memory button
Adaptive headlights are great

What I’m not so keen on:
Range is poor, lucky to get much over 100 miles (winter driving) I’m getting an average of 3.1 m/kwh
Charge speed isn’t great, even on the super fast 175kw chargers I get less than 200 mph
Rear seat leg room is lacking
The boot opening switch is in a stupid place especially in wet muddy conditions
Window controls on the centre console aren’t easy to get used to

If I’d bought it rather than had it through Onto I’d have been disappointed but I will keep it for a few months.

If you do many long journeys or have to get more than a couple of people in the car it probably isn’t for you.

If however you just dodge round close to home then it does the job. Especially if you have an inclusive fast charger close by or home charge.


I enjoyed the da3 but it’s just too small and has abysmal range like you say.

The matrix headlights on the ds3 are awesome, they lit up everything without me ever getting flashed by on coming traffic.

The headlights on the Kona ultimate were ok too but I got flashed all the time at night.

Then with my current car the q4 etron the standard headlights don’t illuminate much of anything at night


I’ve had it for a few weeks. Range isn’t the best, but it’s ok for me. There main thing that isn’t is the charging speed. I’m currently sitting at a 150kw charger, got here with ~30% and I’ve been charging at 32kw for 20 minutes. For a car that can apparently hit 100kw that’s abysmal. Driving and everything is fine, it’s comfortable, I’ve been getting around 150ish miles although it’s been a warm winter so far. It’s the charging that’s really annoying me, taking this on a long trip wouldn’t be worth it. I think I’ll go for the Kona or id3 next


The Kona charges very slowly as well I’ve had the ds3 and Kona ultimate

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The charging speed can be slower due to the cold snap, and the battery wont have warmed up enough to get faster charging speeds.

I have just been to charge my Ioniq and it was charging at 24kWh, compared to the low 40kWh’s last week

You would get exactly the same in any EV, or so I believe…


Yup, as above it’s a cold battery. Plug in straight after a long motorway drive and you will see faster charge speeds.

The Kona will actually take longer to charge since it can’t do more than 80kW max vs 100kW on the DS3, plus the larger battery. You will definitely get better range though, since it’s fantastically efficient.

The Kona does have a winter mode you can enable which will heat the battery. But that will generally only be good enough to get you to a ~50kW charge rate in most circumstances. It can also reduce your range a little too.


Yeah kona is good on charging at low state of charge only. Once it touches 75% then it goes to 25kw charge rate. But if you do a long trip and get to a charger at say 20% soc, you will then see charge rates at 75kw maintained till like 60% then it drops to about 55kw and then slows down to 25kw at about 75%. But bringing it down to 20% takes about 200 miles of motorway driving easily even in -2 degree temperatures. I did that recently on our trip to Scotland and honestly wanted a break of atleast 30 mins which was more than enough to get to 70% charge.

Indeed. I’ve had about 32kW charging speeds out of the ID.3 when it’s had a cold battery and been at about the 35-40% mark. I imagine most of these 400v 50-60kWh cars will be similar, regardless of the theoretical maximum charging speed.

I imagine it’s a non-issue for the manufacturer’s “target audiences” who charge at 7kW overnight and then use rapids mid-journey when the battery will already be warm but, as subscription users who want to maximise use of our inclusive public charging, it pays for us to be mindful about when to rapid-charge where possible.

The last thing I generally want to to do after a long drive is go and plug in at a rapid for 30 minutes, but 30 minutes of 50-90kW will do me more good than 30 minutes of 30-40kW when it’s cold the next morning.


That makes sense. I wonder if there’s a way ot precondition the battery before hand, I’d done a 20 minute drive before I got to the charger and was hoping to see some decent speeds.

I’ll test it out when I drive from Manchester to London in a few weeks.


That’s not long enough unfortunately. It takes a lot to get the pack from 3 or 4 degrees to the mid twenties where you’re approaching the ideal charging temperature.

A couple of hours at motorway speeds and/or a couple of rapid charges is the only way to warm up the battery, especially first thing in the morning.


I’ve noticed a few variations when I’ve been charging the DS3, pretty much as has been said above.

Cold days it charges slowly, it also seem to charge best from 30% up to around 50 and then slows a bit.

It would be interesting to see what it charges like in the summer as even after a long drive I haven’t had it above maybe 46 kW.

Question though, some chargers don’t report the charge rate, the car only reports in mph for charging. The problem with that is 50 kW will give more miles in a more efficient car so the mph isn’t that great an indicator. How are people working out the kW charge rates?

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Look at the amount of energy supplied in kWh units and work that out shortly after starting, and again at the end of your charge to work out the average charge rate too.

So if you put 28 kWh into your battery in 30 minutes you would simply double the 28 to bring you up to a hour of time to find out that your average charge rate was 56kW for example.

Some cars simply tell you on screen what your charge rate is (the PSA/Stellantis cars like your DS3 do not) and some chargers just tell you clearly on screen too. Others don’t. In which case you just have to do a bit of math to calculate your speed manually.

(Also some chargers don’t tell you the charge rate in kW but instead show the power output in volts and amps. Simply multiply them together to get the output in watts. Divide by 1000 to convert to kilowatts. So 395 volts and 106 amps would be multiplied together to get 41870W. Divide by 1000 to find that you’re charging at 41.8kW)


Thanks Koda. I thought that might be the case. Haven’t seen a volts and amps display yet but I’ll look out for it.

My last charge on the DS3 I set a timer for 30 minutes (yes very sad I know) and clocked 23 kWh so 46 total in the hour.

The chargers from DBT do this as one example. So some of the older chargers on the BP Pulse, Electric Blue, CYC, Ecotricity and Hubsta networks have such a configuration.

You’ll also find it on some Ionity (Tritium) chargers, as well as some Geniepoint and Engie (EVBox) rapids too.

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I believe I’m correct in saying that due to charging losses, what the charger says it has delivered wouldn’t be the amount that ends up in the battery.

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Has anyone figured out how stop the radio turning on everytime i turn on the car?

I use android auto and want to listen to my own music/podcasts etc but even if my phone is connected to the car before I start it the radio just starts blasting and I have to manually select android auto every time it doesn’t automatically start, which it did in the random vauxhall I had before this. So annoying, I have to mute the radio every time

No idea sorry and I’ve swapped to a Hyundai Ioniq now so can’t have a play to see if I can figure it out. Good luck

Hi, my Zoe automatically turns on the radio. However, if you turn the volume down to 0 then that does not reset at startup.May be a workaround for your DS3.:older_man:

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