DS 3 Crossback E-Tense Ultra Prestige Worth getting?

Any DS 3 Crossback E-Tense Ultra Prestige drivers on here? If so could you give me your two cents on them? I’m thinking about biting the bullet and swapping my e-208 for one as I need a bigger car, 208 is brilliant but I’ve always had cars that were substantially bigger than it.

Going by most people’s comments both here and elsewhere it’s not great. It’s similar to the e-208 but with worse handling and less range per charge.

If you want to step up in size then you’re probably better looking at the Hyundai vehicles. Ioniq or Kona. Or the biggest car they have in the fleet without spending huge amounts of money would be the LEAF.

I’ll leave others with personal experience to leave their thoughts about the car, but I’d definitely recommend looking at comments left by others previously on these forums to get an idea - They haven’t seemed to be especially popular and most swapped after only a month or so.

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Take a look at my channel I just finished reviewing the e-tense


Was just watching your video :neutral_face::sweat_smile:

I’d highly recommend the Ioniq if you’re after something bigger. The interior isn’t quite as nice (nor the exterior for that matter) but the car itself is fantastic. It drives well, is very economical, much larger than the e208 and the infotainment system/tech are on another level.

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I have the kona now to review and would defo recommend that over the ds3

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Yeah. The design and styling aren’t great especially if you are coming from an e-208, but it is definitely bigger, more efficient and has many more features and toys to play with.

The only things to really note are that they are super popular so hard to get a booking at the moment. Keep checking several times a day and act fast as soon as you see it to get one. Other than that the rapid charge speed is slower so if you are going to be going on many trips longer than the range of the car it may be preferable to step up to the Kona for both a boost in battery capacity AND charge speeds. Other than that I can definitely recommend the Ioniq. Especially since it’s actually cheaper than the Peugeot too!

The thing that shocked me about the Kona is that it’s actually smaller than the Ioniq.

My assumption was partly down to the price and partly down to the fact it just looks big and chunky in photos. Looks much smaller in person though.

I’m still amazed that I got 5.7miles/kWh on my drive to the office in the Ioniq. Half motorway/half country roads and town. 18 miles total. It’s an economical beast!

Yeah the Kona is tiny. I actually think the i3 was more practical - it has a frunk for all the cables etc and much more room in the rear footwells for bags and other stuff, plus way more space in the front.

Do not get the Kona expecting a car with half decent space.

Yup. It’s got more of a SUV Look to it especially when you look at photos, but then when you actually see one in person and get in they are nowhere near as big as you first thought.

It’s very much the same with the LEAF. I’ve surprised a few people on here when I explained to them that it’s actually one of the largest cars in Onto’s fleet. Certainly bigger than the Kona, and a little bigger than the Ioniq too.

I definitely think a few slightly bigger cars would do well to fill out the Onto range.

I wonder what the range will look like in a years time? This time last year it was basically Zoes with the odd i3 and everyone on the Tesla waitlist.

Having had the car for 2 weeks, my quick update.

Great looking exterior, smart interior but poor range on motorways.

A 200 mile trip will involve a number of stops if you need to drive at speeds above 50. My couple of business trips up and down the country involved a lot of time at charge points. In the sun no big deal, but in bad weather I am not sure i would feel the same…

It is very comfortable relaxing drive and so easy to fall in love with its quirkiness. A unique very different city car.

I am really enjoying the car and have a soft spot for it. I just wish it had a larger range.