Driverline dealer choices

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Has anyone had any issues getting your car booked in for some work at a dealer? Driverline were only able to offer me service at a dealer in another city 20 miles away despite there being a Renault deal that offers ZE Servicing 4 miles away.

For context, I’ve got a ZE50 and the drivers-side wiper stopped working a few weeks ago. The bolt retaining it was completely loose, I’m guessing it was like this from the factory or since delivery.

If the bolt or nut is still there, why not just tighten it up, much quicker and less inconvenient than getting a dealer to do it. If you’re not very handy/practical, then just turn up to the local garage and ask them to fix it (tighten it up) on the spot. Even with COVID restrictions they may well be able to fit that in their schedules.

Already tightened it, couldn’t drive with it as it was. Not sure if it’s torqued up correctly. I think it’s also slightly out of alignment hence the dealer.

Are you sure they said they couldn’t at all? Or just that they couldn’t now? Driveline have told me before that they wanted to send me to a dealer 30 miles away because they could get me in within a few days compared to my local which was 3-4 weeks wait.

There wasn’t a timescale given. That was the only one. They said it would need escalated to a supervisor. Just wondered if this was a common thing more than anything. As in do Onto only deal with certain garages or chains sort of thing.

As far as I know they can get you booked in pretty much anywhere. Not just main dealers either. They have offered to book me in at a local independent garage, and on another occasion offered an appointment for a Renault Zoe to be repaired at a MG Dealer.

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So according to the text I’m booked in at the dealer in a different city and a near 50 mile round trip away. At least they’re providing a courtesy car.

When I booked driveline originally offered me a bigger dealer that was further away as it seemed to have been set up that way by the selling vehicle dealership (I guess it was set up as the main dealer form new) but I asked them if there was any possibility to use the local dealer (5 miles up the road) and they sorted me out in my case…so worth an ask…

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I already asked :frowning_face: in my case both dealers are main dealers but for their respective cities.

:cry: that’s a shame - sorry it didn’t work out

In my experience, double-check the courtesy car exists directly with the garage before the day…

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The text says I’ve got one. Thing is if I knew it would get looked at within a reasonable time I could wait for it but I turned down the garage it got booked into in the end. No further comms. Should add too there’s no way to select a day or get offered a day which could be very inconvenient for some.

One for @Carol is that there seems to be a disconnect with driver line, onto itself and the garages. I call driver line and they can’t book me into the local dealer as it doesn’t come up on somewhere, said I’d get a call back which didn’t happen. Then with onto itself there’s been nothing about the distance I’m travelling to visit the garage and getting mileage credits for the journey. It’s all a bit disjointed.

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Sounds so much like what i’ve been through!

Onto told me at one point during our many many conversations on driver Line to take photos of the mileage on the Dashboard before and after the journey(s) to the garage to get those miles credited back to my account. I had to e-mail the photos in.

I got two emails confirming the date & courtesy car booking but the garage maintained they knew nothing of that. I think it varies how the big main/smaller garages run their booking systems and how driver line relay information to us subscribers…sadly there was a disconnect with my case too. Ever since my delivery day…

hey all @Paul_at_Onto is liaising with Driverline on this one and others.

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Just had a followup on this from Driverline. My preferred garage had no courtesy cars which isn’t what I was requesting from them anyway as it’s significantly closer. There was also no communication of this. Onto fleet want to get recovery to fix the issue but recovery have already said they wouldn’t fix it and only recover the car to a garage.

Sure hope @Paul_at_Onto manages to work some magic on this. It really is a weak point it feels like.