Dreadful Customer Service from Driverline. Suspect it is goodbye ONTO

Arrived at my Zoe to find the driver’s side window smashed and my blue badge stolen. Nothing else gone, just the blue badge. I call Driverline and I am passed from pillar to post for over an hour. Eventually put through to the glass people. They want me to send over a copy of ONTO’s insurance policy. Oh and they can probably not reglaze the window until 18 October. No one sent to carry out a temporary repair, clean the glass, or secure the vehicle. Absolutely unacceptable. This is an all inclusive subscription and one expects a seamless service. Not a load of nonsense and demands for copies of polices they know the end user will not have.

Meanwhile, I as a disabled woman, cannot drive my vehicle because it is covered in glass and unsecured in the middle of east London in awful weather. What a joke. ONTO appears great until things go wrong. After almost exactly one year, this is likely to be the end.

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I’m sorry to hear you’ve been a victim of a crime and I understand it must be an upsetting and stressful situation.

I’m not sure if you misunderstood the all-inclusive nature of the service but it includes hire, maintenance (servicing/repairs) and charging etc, obviously, they have a 24/7 contact but they are not glass technicians themselves and will rely on a 3rd party to do the work, if they are not available (which is to be expected in this current climate) it’s not ONTO’s fault, this would be the same if you were the owner of the car, had the car on lease or hired from a different company most likely.

If I were you I’d brush the glass off the seat to the floor and drive it home then work with ONTO and their service providers explaining the situation and your issues to get a resolution.


You see David this is the problem. We pay for a service. Our contracts are with ONTO not third party suppliers. I am fully aware of what my contract includes, and I understand contracts due to the nature of my professional qualifications. I am also aware there are numerous issues throughout the UK right now for a whole variety of reasons.

However, the ability to perform a temporary repair pending the restock of glass is not an unreasonable expectation. Further, it is not the responsibility of an end user to provide a sub contractor with insurance policy documents (which oddly enough we do not have due to the nature of the service being provided by ONTO, i.e., a subscription car service). Are you seriously suggesting one be content to wait almost 3 weeks for any service? I am sorry but you are being entirely unrealistic. It is for ONTO to provide the service I pay them for and not for me to provide third party contractors with policy documents that none of us would have. Whilst I understand that glass might be out of stock, it is not unreasonable to expect a temporary repair, clean up of the vehicle (and no it is not reasonable to expect untrained end users to “brush” lots of glass out of a vehicle, especially someone who is disabled).

As such, to summarise, thank you for inviting me to not expect ONTO to provide the service I pay them for and to “brush” dangerous glass out of a vehicle and to then “understand” that it cannot possibly be the fault of ONTO that they do not have in place processes to ensure their sub contractors do not ask end users for documentation they will not, by the very nature of the contractual relationship, have.


Pretty much as any other person are contracted to their insurance company, you can’t ‘demand’ a glass fitter at your beck and call, making it safe is as good as you’ll get until the glass required is in stock.


I appreciate you are upset after what must have been an ordeal.

Car side windows are made from tempered glass which when is smashed cause it to crumble into small cube-like chunks rather than jagged shards, it makes a hell of a mess but carefully brushing it off the cloth seats of a Zoe should’nt cause any damage or injury nor should it be too difficult, this would allow you to get home out of the elements.

If you contact ONTO via phone tomorrow they will be able to send you the relevant documents the 3rd party require, I have requested various documents previously from ONTO and had them same day.

I think at this point you would be the best working with ONTO direct to resolution rather than via the community forum, but I do think you have possibly signed up expecting a concierge style service, while ONTO do a very good job there are no SLA’s laid out in any of the terms or agreements as far as I am aware in relation to the timing of repairs.

I hope get back on the road soon.


@Srh2020 wow - those comments sum up a lot :rofl:

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I totally agree with what @Kev and @DavidJL have said…

To be fair when some scrotes broke the rear quarter of my Astra, the 3rd party didn’t sweep out the glass that was there prior to them coming out to replace the glass, they cleaned out that they took out in order to replace it. I had to do the rest…

I would as others have said make the car safe and if you can clear out the glass as best you can or put a cushion some sort of protection on top of it to not cause you or anyone else injury, and move it somewhere safe as if something happens to the car, if you have left it in an unsafe condition you will be 100% liable…

If you want a glass fitter out to fix it, then the other option is to pay for one to come out and then try an claim back from OntO, and they may or may not agree to reimburse you.

Also make sure you have a crime reference number from 101


No doubt onto will require the excess of £1000 to be paid when the insurance company are alerted. Best trying to park somewhere secure overnight and getting onto onto again tomorrow for a copy of policy. They might be able to send someone out to do a patch up job as wouldn’t want the vehicle left in a vulnerable state for weeks. Think Driverline have limited options but I’m sure onto will have back up plans for most events.

She will only have to pay £500 as the glass has a slightly lower excess

Excerpt from my agreement:


I would expect the actual cost to be £250-350 fitted so she should get some money back from her excess all being well as well.


Indeed. No one is demanding it at “beck and call”. The third party supplier was not even willing to perform the most basic of temporary tasks unless an insurance certificate could be produced. How do you propose I do that? You do understand the difference between a subscription car service and one on direct lease? Or is it your expectation that one waits 28 working days for ONTO to send out the certificate first? Seriously, talk about patronising nonsense. This why companies get away with the levels of service that they do. Which part, of “glass company will not even touch the job without producing insurance certificate” did you fail to understand? Or, is it acceptable to leave a disabled woman effectively stranded and expected to clean up dangerous glass herself? Is that your argument? Seriously?


The thing I don’t get is that Driverline have copies of insurance certificates. And I know this because they send them out as standard if you book your car in for work and need a courtesy car. This phone call should have been quite easy.

It’s already been explained that the glass is not especially dangerous. It would be very easy to knock the glass out of the way and unless you were really trying to injure yourself it would be highly unlikely to even get the smallest of cuts from doing so.

Likewise you weren’t stranded as the car remains driveable. Sure it may be a little cold but you could have moved it to a place of safety and made life easier for yourself.

You’ve been dealing with a third party company out of hours. All you had to do was the basics to get home and then speak directly to Onto about your concerns or dissatisfactions which I’m sure they would have been able to help you out with. Instead it looks more like you’ve decided not to help yourself to spite Onto because you’re not happy with this latest experience. Ultimately making it worse for yourself.

When Onto get back in the office and you call them up, I know you’re frustrated but please be reasonable with them. It’s not their fault and if you give them a chance I’m sure that they will offer a very fair solution for you. Just keep your expectations realistic - Because having a servant available at all hours to come out wherever you are and brush a bit of glass off your seat is on the unrealistic side imo.


When I’ve had this happen (rear windshield exploded), I had to wait till morning to phone the insurance companies glass hotline (they’re not open 24/7), and then had to drive the car from my home address to the glass replacement place myself the next day, where they fitted a new one.

Did you call driver line back and say you needed the insurance certificate, what did they say?

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The subscription is basically a rolling long term (30 days) hire, that is all, with some “extras” such as charging etc included.

1. The Vehicle is provided for hire inclusive of: (a) the ability to charge (free of charge) with the national charging networks with whom we have arrangements, such as Shell, BP, InstaVolt and Tesla; (b) maintenance of the Vehicle, being regular service or maintenance in line with manufacturer recommendations (including Roadside Assistance), and (c) fully comprehensive insurance cover.

All the inclusive elements are provided by third parties which is standard in any situation.

The point I was making was to brush it off the seat into the footwell, just enough so you are not sat on it to get you home, then to speak with ONTO regarding a replacement however I wouldn’t expect them to detail the car for you (this would be at your cost).

I think you need to take a step back and realise it was not ONTO who smashed your window, understand what is included in the subscription/hire and then decide if the service is right for you but personally I think you are being unrealistic.


This is totally unacceptable and I’m sure that ONTO would agree. This sort of event is foreseeable and exactly the reason that ONTO has partnered with Driverline to provide 24/7 emergency cover. I’d be reporting this to ONTO directly first thing Monday morning. In the meantime, you could try Driverline again and hope the shifts have changed and there are now more competent people to deal with the matter in a more timely and professional manner.


I totally agree with @E7EV on this and also that once senior management get this flagged they will be appalled also. @Carol
There are several ‘red flags’ which should have been recognised by driverline.
Female, on own, car vandalised, traumatised and disabled.

They should have dispatched AA/RAC or whatever they use to assist immediately and at least done a temporary fix to get the driver safely home.
If this had been daytime during the working week and a different person taking the call I suspect a different outcome. The fact that it was a weekend shows how deficient driverline was at handling this call.

I suspect any glass other than the front windscreen is on a long lead time and I do trust we hear on Monday that a replacement car has been made available pronto.

I have nothing to say about the dregs who perpetrated the vandalism in the first place other than they don’t deserve to exist on this planet.


Not being funny but I’ve literally typed in front window replacement official Zoe and found a mobile service that wil do it for £250 tomorrow. Damn sight cheaper and quicker than waiting for driver line or onto dealing with it, and you’ve got a hell of a story and exceptional circumstances in order to bypass the usual must let ONTO replace etc.
just saying. I’d be tempted to do that. Then bill whoever needs to be billed. Damn sight easier than waiting til 18 Oct.


The glass replacement is certainly an issue with ONTO.

My Kona windscreen got cracked at the top and National Windscreens gave me the run around by not responding to the ONTO request to contact me. Initially the car was ok to drive for a while so I was ok to let ONTO follow it up. But it spread all the way down inside and out!

Chassed ONTO and eventually I got contacted and then passed on to the local branch.

Local branch told me it could be 8 to 10 weeks to get a new screen so I replaced the car and sent it back with the crack. It cost me 500.00 in total.

I got a call last week to say it was now in stock and told them it had gone back and to speak to ONTO. The local guy told me he could have done it in a none Hyundai screen in a few days but they insisted on a Hyundai part.

I did put a claim in for the windscreen today with Insurance4carhire.


Could we get some kind of update in regards to what happened in the end? Hope all is well


Good to see someone else spamming all the threads. Let’s keep things in perspective, you and others are likely only 1% of customers who have experienced less than great this week. This is true of ALL companies, logistics or anything else. Major household names have a small percentage of issues each and everyday of the year. No company has 100% success rates. ONTO have doubled the new subscribers in the last month to ~1200, so each working day is straining the 3rd party logistics who are in very short supply of guess what… drivers.


Every company has issues and is measured how they resolve them.

Any problems I have had have all been resolved to my satisfaction.

None of the issues are ‘problems’ in the real sense just niggles.

I would still recommend ONTO to anybody looking for an EV.