DPD delivered a Rolec Type 2 Granny charger today, was it from Onto?

Hi all, no idea why, but I’ve received a Rolec Type 2 - to 3 pin 10A granny charger this morning.

Is this anything to do with Onto? I definitely haven’t ordered one and have no idea why it’s turned up.

Item was despatched directly from Rolec yesterday at 4pm and had priority Saturday delivery

Did you just get a new car from ONTO? Did it have a granny charger with the car? If not then that is probably why it’s been delivered to you. If you had both type 2 and a granny charger already with a new car, then it sounds like an incorrect delivery.


I’m getting an e207 to replace the wonderfully awful ZE50 on Monday, so unless they don’t come with granny leads, I’ve got no idea.

This happened to me before when I got my ZE50. The granny changer was delivered by courier a few days before I took delivery of the car itself. Was a bit of a surprise!

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This is the granny cable I got, which was in the boot of the e-208. Peugeot don’t supply it as standard. With a Zoe, you get the genuine Renault one. Looks like ONTO have sourced a non Peugeot one no doubt at lower cost. I stow mine indoors to free up boot space.

Odd, I thought they’d all be the same, this is what they’ve sent me.

@Kev i received one too today unexpectedly from Rolec, i am also expecting a e-208 on Monday, to replace a ZE50 that i currently have…well the local Renault dealer currently has!


And what do YOU currently have?

Must’ve been from OnTo then, I was worried I ordered it while drunk and forgot about it :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I like the new granny lead, but sadly it’s shorter than the Renault granny :frowning: but I love the display :slight_smile:

Probably the only thing worse than the ZE50 — Nothing! :laughing:

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Indeed… :rofl:


That’s debatable… :rofl:

Mystery Solved!