Don’t Get “Stuck” if You’re Travelling Abroad

I wonder what the ONTO policy is for attaching UK stickers to the back of their vehicles? Are removable ones available?

Found these magnetic ones. @Lily_at_Onto any guidance on this issue?

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Hey @E7EV, it’s a legal requirement to display these badges, so you’re allowed to attach it:

  • You can use whatever product you’d like, in the event that this resulted in damage to the vehicle we would charge for the repair.
  • If it’s left on the car at the end of your subscription then there would also be a removal fee (a few pounds) plus any repair cost as necessary.
  • For magnetic ones, we would advise you to check they’ll work on your panels, as they’re sometimes made of plastic or aluminium. Simply get a magnet that you are certain sticks to something metal (ie. your refrigerator) and check if it will stick to your door.

I think getting the number plates to be marked with GB would do the trick. Or send out comms to everyone on the recommended sticker to avoid any additional damage charges been done to the subscriber.

Not sure if this is something ONTO can consider doing. Would be helpful.

Number plates with GB are no longer acceptable abroad (except ROI)

You now need the UK moniker on the car, for it to be legal

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This could be a good option:

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I’d either stick a ‘flash’ on the plate that won’t need to be removed, or put it on the rear window, this will prevent damage caused by uneven paint fade. If you get a sticky one, DO NOT stick it to the paint as if left for a prolonged period, it could leave a different shaded patch when removed.


Something like this to cover the existing blue GB part of a number plate would probably look smarter


I recieved the aforementioned stickers from Amazon the other day, so here it is in the flesh. Fitted just in time for my farewell Tesla road trip to Germany next week (hopefully the documents come through in time :crossed_fingers:)

There will be no need to remove on return, and no risk of paint fade or residue damage.


I’m tempted to get some blue ones to cover the existing green flashes, which I don’t really like having.

Actually, preferably, I’d have a plain blue flash with just the required ‘UK’ and no flag at all. Cleaner looking I think. Similar to how Turkey does it.


If anyone see any blue flagless UK stickers in this style please let me know!

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Not seen any flagless blue ones, but I guess you could buy 2 sets and use the blue background of the second set to cover the flag up once fitted.

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Don’t they have to be green to show it’s an EV to the emergency services? Or is that just an urban myth?

There’s no requirement (legal or otherwise) for an EV to have the green decals on the number plate and I’ve even seen some PHEVs driving around with them too, on dealer-supplied plates (either misguided or pretending to sell something that’s “greener” than it actually is).

I agree with BillN in that I’d rather adopt a stealth approach rather than virtue signalling :slight_smile:

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Cool, I’m not really fussed either way, but I do wonder why manufacturers try to make it obvious that the car is electric, they make them look weird or try to make them look futuristic, I just want mine to look like a car not a spaceship lol