Does the Reduced Damage Excess £350 cover stone chips in the paint?

Does the Reduced Damage Excess £350 cover stone chips in the paint? noticed a small chips on the paint aslo we are supposed to report the stone chips in the app?

I WOULD have expected stone chips to be under wear and tear. However, I was charged for a touch up on a stone chip recently.

Personally, I wouldn’t report a stone chip in the app, I would wait for handing it back and the inspection.

I would only ever use the app for physical damage to the vehicle.

Could be wrong, though.


Chips under a certain size are covered under fair wear and tear. See the guidelines.
However there is no harm in reporting it via the app now you have noticed it.
It’ll get sorted when the car is returned.


Thanks for the help both :+1:

I’ve never had a problem since I started using a bonnet bra :wink:

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On a serious note.

We’ve never really had any indication of wear and tear to the branding on the 500e.

Those stickers look like they would come off easily and I’m almost terrified to take it to a car wash.

Any thoughts @Dan_at_Onto

If they used quality car vinyl then it should be ok for years, but as I said depends on what they used.
There is a big difference in price for the quality vinyl from the basic stuff.
Could maybe have used a magnetic vinyl also which is designed to be removed easily

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It’s definitely vinyl, but it looks a bit thin to me so I’m worried that a jet wash would damage it.

Only one way to find out :eyes::crazy_face:

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Did ONTO provide any information on what car wash to use? If not then I think it’s fair to assume you will be fine and if something does happen then it’s probably on them to not give that information. But I’m pretty sure it should be fine. Most vinyls are fairly durable to auto car washes or jet washes.

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Cheers for the info.

Car is looking a bit sad as I’ve been putting it off. That ocean green colour is :ok_hand: when clean.

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Don’t think it would damage the actual surface but might lift the edges if they’re not properly stuck down.

The last clean mine got was a quick once over with a sponge soaked in car shampoo and then left to rinse in the rain. Quicker (and cheaper as I have a water meter) than going back and forth with a bucket of tap water !


Hey guys apologies for the late reply.

I’ve done some internal digging around and after speaking to our marketing team, I’ve been informed that only damage to the actual vehicle itself would be deemed as “damage”. If the decals were slightly worn etc this wouldn’t class as damage, only if the paintwork or actual car itself was damaged.

obviously there would be a charge if someone removed the decals completely as the branded car is discounted, however if it’s just normal wear and tear it’s fine :slight_smile:



Cheers for the info. Definitely makes me feel better.

I’m surprised at how much I like the 500e. And the Branding gets so much attention.

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Hope you have a nice wee sign in the window with your referral code and telling them how to contact ONTO :money_mouth_face:

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haha. I’m sure that will breach terms of service.

If not then :eyes:

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@MisterOaks I’d strongly advise against making a decal of your referral code and sticking it to the windscreen :joy:


Spoilsport :rofl: :rofl:

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What if he made one and then removed it before returning the car :sweat_smile:

@Pranjal I will personally inspect it with a magnifying glass to identify any glue residue which resembles the shape of a referral code and have stern words :wink: haha

On a serious note, i wont be mad, I’ll be disappointed which is way worse :joy:


Where there’s a will, there’s a way…