Does Polestar vehicles will ever part of Onto?

Does Polestar vehicles will ever part of Onto? What new car will be introduce in the subscription?

Depends if you have a working crystal ball or not? :wink:


If they are expect to pay upwards of ÂŁ800 a month,

Bare in mind as well OntO will be at the back of a long list, as current wait times are 6-8 months


I can see that on Elmo is currently 759 for the standard range but you have to be 30 of age I am 29, could be more expensive if they add to Onto probably…I really would like to try the polestar at least one month is a beautiful car

currently on Elmo at 759 for the standard range :star_struck:

They have been coming soon for the last year…

And only £400 more than I am now paying for my Long Range Single Motor… so not really a good deal at all…

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I am on 988 for long range single motor with plus pack, 1200mile/month, free charging. Not good? Lol

Another factor to consider is that Polestar may be doing their own subscription service so could be reluctant to supply them to other companies who do the same thing.

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Could I ask you if is a normal leasing or is through a car subscription? not bad 1200 miles a month, usually 800 is enough for me

That’s right but how come Elmo have polestar? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

They have a few, but not many… and they have been coming soon for a long time on the site…

But 1K is a lot for a P2 with Plus Pack, and Elmo dont do free charging any more…

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@Frankk not every house in an estate agent’s window is actually for sale when you enquire within :wink:


Elmo now belong to Cinch, who probably have other options on sourcing vehicles that ONTO don’t.


:rofl: that’s right I just realized that everytime I check in their website is always coming soon

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It’s probably “coming soon” dependant on someone that already has one returning it. Maybe.

If the cars have a due date on the website I think that’s a confirmed fleet delivery.

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They are available now for Srsm. Go to check it