Does ONTO's i3 have AVAS?

Counting down the days until we get our first EV (just over 4 weeks now!) and really looking forward to it. Have been trying to get my head around what to expect and recently discovered the acoustic warning designed to warn pedestrians that a car is moving around/near them.

It seems like on the i3, up until this became legislated that it was a paid option- I was wondering if ONTO’s i3 had it fitted and if the car we’re getting will sound like a ghost spaceship at low speeds?

A video of the sound I’m talking about here:

Apologies if this is answered elsewhere or if I’m asking stupid questions!

Edit: Worth adding, I know this is an EU law that’s come in (and the above is an EU i3); I wasn’t sure if it had made it into the UK’s legislation as it seemed to come into effect in 2019…

I have been playing with a brand new one recently and even that didn’t have it, so I assume it’s still not fitted as standard in the UK.

ONTO Rarely add optional extras. Its generally just the basic equipment for the trim levels offered. So I would assume you won’t have such a feature.

I say assume as I’ve not had a i3 from ONTO So can’t confirm for sure. I’m sure a subscriber who has one will be along soon to clear this up though.

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Ah that makes sense – if indeed it’s still an option that needs to be added then I wouldn’t expect it to be equipped (which I’m ok with). Was more out of interest than anything else!

I’ve got a Jan 2020 i3 from ONTO

It’s not got the creepy sound, but it does have an amazing auto drive feature which I absolutely love.
It steers and drives (so I’m hands and foot free) on the motorway in high traffic.
Great when I’m on the M25 or in busy sections of the M62, comes in handy !!

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It’s like the haunted i3! My onto one is 2019 and doesn’t have it but above a crawl I think its the tyre noise of most cars that you hear first as I was worried about pedestrians and cyclists not hearing it as it was my first EV - but on the road at least it doesn’t seem to be an issue, even at low speed.
So far no-one has tried to fling themselves in front of it in a car park, but I appreciate it’s quiet at the moment…

At very low speeds EV’s are almost silent, hence the ‘sound’ needed up to 12mph, but otherwise tyre noise is on a par with other vehicles. EV’s are heavy vehicles so tyre noise is to be expected.

Some background in this article…