Do you want to get a £50 discount on your Onto subscription?

Share a selfie with your Onto car on social media (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter) and let us know what you love about it! We love hearing from you all.

Remember to tag us at @DriveOnto and use the hashtag #OntoElectric to participate.

We will repost the best ones and if we repost yours, you’ll get £50 off your next payment (once)!


@Lily_at_Onto see and give it a RT pls!


@Lily_at_Onto can you reveal if anyone has received £50 and share the photo? I don’t frequent social media sites, apart from this one of course!

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Has anyone gained from this??? I have put two on and not even a sniff…


@Lily_at_Onto did anyone actually benefit from this promo?

Month and a half after and no news from Onto :man_facepalming:

Hi all! Yes, we retweeted two posts and both users for £50 off :slight_smile:

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