Do they have heated seats?

Quick question. Does the GT Line Zoe and the Gt Line E-208, have heated seats?

I don’t think either do. The Zoe definitely doesn’t as its only part of the winter pack, which ONTO didn’t specify on their order.

The e-208 Only has it on the highest trim level I believe. Not the GT Line.

There might be a very small number of ZE40s still floating around that are accidentally a higher spec than advertised and have extras like seat heaters and reversing camera. Obviously there’s no way of guaranteeing you’d get one of these when ordering, and more likely than not you’ll get one without such features.

No neither do :wink:

I had a ZE40 with a reversing camera. There were only 10 of them. They’ve since been sold. However they didn’t have heated seats.

I stand corrected.

I’m sure I remember reading somewhere that they were fitted with seat heaters too, but can’t argue with someone who actually had one of these 10!

My new Kona comes with heated rear seats … na na na na nana! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously though, my pre-Onto car didn’t have heated seats and I bought his and hers heated seat covers which plug in to the 12v cigarette lighter socket (single socket for both seats). Worked really well, not expensive, you don’t see them when you are sat on them…and in any event you only need them on for half the year or so.


Thanks. Ill look into the heated seat covers.

Heated seats a novelty unless you live in siberia hahah