Do I pull the trigger on new kona or gamble

Do I sign contract for new kona delivery 25th or gamble and hope that a new car is announced in the next week ?

Sign now. You only have to give 2 working days notice to cancel a swap and pick an alternative if something else comes up.

There are 2 cars to be announced but this won’t be another week or two I imagine, and not for delivery until sometime the following month.

One if most likely an ID.3, currently unsure of the other, but whatever happens it will make more availability of all the models as other people swap too. You should be able to pick another model for your channel to review pretty easily after another month.

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book it then cancel, then rebook new car if it turns out this new car thing happens

You can’t swap car though until new contract starts and problem is by the 25th the new cars would be gone

lol do you wanna live fast and loose, are you a gambling man? cos i don’t wanna drive past you in a shiny new car and you sat in a kona

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Let me clarify. You have a swap arranged for May 25, to go from your current car into the new Kona, and have a contract in front of you to sign in agreement to this swap?

If that is the case, you can sign that today no problem, and then if a new car was announced this time next week on May 13 for example, you can then call Onto and give notice, as long as it is more than 2 working days from the swap date to cancel that off and book a new swap to your new car.

You can do that no problem and they will hold the car until your swap date. The only thing you can’t do is queue a second swap. So if you keep your current swap booked, you couldn’t book another one in until after you take delivery.

@Koda thanks for the clarification, i am sure this will help others, so @slimtrader you can have your cake and eat it too lol

Sounds good then ,is it a prob though as my current contract finishes on the 16th May so in theory will be extending my current contract till 25th then new one starts ?

I’d gamble and sit by the community chat. The Kona seems like a terribly iffy product currently and I’d rather take the more exciting ID3 or potentially the other car coming…… Personal opinion of course.
I like the idea of the KONA, just don’t like it in practice.

@Slimtrader10 yeah but you’d be charged pro rata when you swap.

You won’t extend your current contract. You will sign a new contract as usual and pay the full montly renewal price. You then have the choice to delay your swap until the next renewal date, or if you prefer you can arrange pro-rata billing and get you swapped as soon as the new cars are available for delivery, with a credit for the unused time with your current car used to reduce the payment for the next one.

Ok thanks its all referral money anyway so won’t be any outlay