Do all i3's have Adaptive Cruise Control?

As above! My first BMW i3 from back in July 2020 had adaptive cruise control, which wasn’t specified in the marketing at the time.

The current marketing page for the i3 doesn’t say anything about adaptive, or even regular, cruise control so I’m curious as to whether it’s luck of the draw.

Relatedly, the online booking form says “i3 Lodge” which I assume refers to the interior trim, but the marketing states Atelier – which was what I got last year.

Probably one for @carol or @Lily_at_Onto to confirm I think.

The i3 I had did have ACC too, and the old website did used to say that it had the the ‘drive assist plus’ pack (or whatever it’s called) added.

The interior picture on the website still shows a car with the steering wheel ACC buttons, and the standard interior.

My guess would be the lodge reference on the booking page is an error.

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I’ve just driven i3’s since I joined in March 2019 and they’ve all had adaptive cruise control. I believe all of the 120Ah models have it, not sure if there’s any of the older ones floating around.

There’s a very small few 94Ah models left in the fleet but not available to new subscribers anymore, and I think by now pretty much everyone has been given the advance warning from Onto that they want them back in the very near future, if they haven’t already been swapped out.

As far as I know, all the 120Ah’s currently available to subscribers are of identical specification. So theoretically, if one had ACC, they all should do.


For what it’s worth ours which arrived Friday does indeed have adaptive cruise and it’s working well so far :+1:t2:

nice - not had a chance to test this yet … twisty single lane country tracks is all I’ve had so far … and it handles them well :slight_smile:

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Hope you’ve had as much fun with it as I have today- perfect weather and strangely not too much traffic has been fantastic, did about a 90mi return trip up to Tring today

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