Discounted Charge Point at Home

Would be great to see ONTO partner with a national home ev charger install company and offer a discount, at the moment ONTO customers do not qualify for the EV grant from the government as we are not able to show a 6month lease or usage agreement, Onto is month to month so we don’t qualify… non-grant installs are pricey for sure and if you live in an area without abundant public charging this is a significant cost…


I’ve not got off street parking so haven’t paid much attention to this issue.

Have you checked with ONTO that there is no way around the 6 month minimum ownership criteria? There used to be a workaround, but that may have changed with the introduction of the new one month agreements.

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This is what they said to me back in April as E7EV said it may have changed since then, best speaking to them:

Thank you for your interest in getting a home charger with us. We recently partnered up with Local Heroes to offer a simple solution for home charging.

Please [follow this link] to get started and follow the instructions after clicking on “find your charger”.

If you want to be eligible for an OLEV grant, you will have to get a 6-month contract with an Evezy car. Let us know and we will be happy to send that over for you.

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Yeah no real way around it apparently - had that also from the installers - so that’s ‘a’ drawback of this approach, no long term commitment no assistance - and when I spoke to ONTO on live chat was told that contracts are monthly so not grant eligible. will see if I can phrase the question differently

Onto will happily help with with a 6month agreement to get the charger installed at home.

Yeah, but apparently not - I asked directly in chat and was told there was nothing onto can do to help regarding this.

Where I am now its no big issue there are several public polar stations so all god in a week I move to a desolate not a single public charger in the entire town location… :frowning:

Best options are home charger and relatively cheap.

If you are not already switched to Octopus Energy, then that is best option for cheapest elecy.
You will probably halve your bill.
Ohme charger is one route, although you could just get a commando socket installed via a sparky, as that is the cheapest of all connections and just slow charge. Granny charger is not ideal to use daily. Sockets, can and do overheat.

Check out these deals… cheapest is about £199
Worst case is same as a months subscription.

If you need a referral code for octopus let me know. £50 off