Firstly I would like to say I have been with ONTO for 6 months now and have to say the customer service is top notch. However ……. When it comes to the vehicles I have had delivered I’m a little disappointed. I have had 3 cars so far… a 71 plate Zoe ( back in November 21)which was brand new and immaculate inside and out( no surprise there), a 21 plate Zoe (March 21) with 6k miles on it which was a little dusty and dirty inside but perfectly acceptable, and the most recent one which is a 70 plate e208 with 10k on it. I’m afraid the Peugeot was delivered in a less than clean condition. I know things aren’t great in the world at the moment but is it too much to ask for a car to be delivered clean and tidy at least?? Especially considering the amount of money we are paying for them. Has anyone else had a similar experience?? Or have I just been unlucky??

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Whilst you’re in the minority and most deliveries go exactly as planned, there are definitely a fair number of posts here where people have had similar experiences.

If you contact Onto ASAP and share pictures they should be able to advise further. Most people seem to get reimbursed for cleaning.


Yep all done. I know these aren’t normal times but what makes it worse is I swapped it for a Zoe of similar age and mileage that i spent ages making sure was clean inside and out.


Thats a shame that it was delivered this way.

I have a swap coming up next week. I’m just thinking what do I set as a benchmark for the condition of the car to refuse the swap? I have looked after the current car we have so if I get something in a poor condition then I wouldn’t like it. What are my rights there? How does the contract work if I refuse to get the swap car and keep the current one until the swap car is in an acceptable condition. Yes, I will take pictures and videos and let ONTO know.

@Pranjal “How does the contract work if I refuse to get the swap car and keep the current one until the swap car is in an acceptable condition.”

Have a look at this thread.


Fussy?? Not at all. I’m afraid the very least we should expect is a clean vehicle. Sure accidents happen and stuff gets broken/ scratched/lost etc. but especially nowadays I would have thought cleanliness would be high on the list of priorities when it comes to multi use vehicles like these. I know this would take a little longer for cars to be delivered but surely that would be preferable to receiving a dirty car.

Can’t follow who or what you are reacting to. Did someone claim you’re being too fussy?

Just replying to a post regarding an upcoming swap.