Didnt get referral credit

Hi, when I first signed up I used a referral code for £50 off my first month. Yesterday I finally got an Evezy car after many months of waiting. But I didn’t get £50 off, can someone tell me why?

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Others have had issues with referral codes, including me. Email or telephone and hopefully it will get sorted. Check with the person whose code you used. @Lily_at_Evezy

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Hey @MrMoonUK! There might have been a glitch in the system if you used it correctly. Please could you reach out to our customer service team and let them know what referral code you used, and they will be able to apply this for you.

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@Carol @Lily_at_Onto can I make a suggestion please
I’ve got a referral showing on my account but it’s not come off last months payment, nor has it shown on this months.
Any chance tech can add dates to the referral in the account section please? Or a tick at least with a month it was discounted?

@Ayman_at_Onto is this something you can help with?

I have linked to the tech team rather than keep passing messages if thats ok @Pinky_Ponk

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Hi @Pinky_Ponk - I had a look at your account and that £50 referral discount is due to be applied to your next month’s subscription :slight_smile:

You’re right in that we need to make referrals more visible in My Account too. We’ll revisit this when we’re redesigning the Account page later this year :slight_smile: