Did you know it's Zero Emissions Day?

Zero Emissions Day is an international day of action towards a future without air pollution. Every year on September 21st, people around the world take part in activities to promote clean air and reduce global carbon emissions.

To celebrate, we thought we’d share some interesting facts showing the growth of electric car adoption, not just at Onto but across the world. Check them out!

  1. In 2022 the UK surpassed half a million electric cars!

  2. There’s over 376,000 electric car chargers in Europe, including 12,500 in the UK that are included in our subscriptions.

  3. Globally there are now 16.5 million electric cars. That’s five times as many EVs on the road since Onto launched back in 2018!

We’re so glad you’re all here for the journey, and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future.

What made you go electric? Let us know in this thread to help those who are still hesitating about making the switch!