Design fault on citroen ec4

So there is a design fault on the ec4 that’s very annoying

Cup holders in cars across most brands seem to be an afterthought really. I’ve had a Mercedes where you had to choose between having a drink in your car or being able to use the handbrake, and hired a Jeep which had a deep, cup-shaped cup holder (would get increasingly narrow as it went further down) which would create a vacuum beneath the drink when you put it down. You then had to fight it to pull back out and would end up throwing/spilling it out everywhere in the process of trying to lift it up again.

It’s amazing just how many brands manage to get such a simple thing so wrong.


The better ones seem to have several soft spring type protrusions which grip most sizes.
They get called cup holders but are often just bottle slots.

Yep also if you put a can in the holder it’s too wide and the can rattles about spilling drink lol