Delivery WITHIN 72 Hours?

I Just noticed this claim in the Onto app. “We’ll deliver your car to your driveway, anywhere in the UK within 72 hours”

Has anybody ever made a regular booking and got their car within such little time?

Looking at my area on the booking system right now they seem to be adding a rolling 12 day delay to any bookings.

Most likely in anticipation of the increased availability being added to current models and the new range being added this month.
Maybe someone got excited in marketing and pushed the change through early!

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There’s no or… so no real issue if they fail. Probably says subject to availability in the small print.

Remember when a certain Pizza Takeaway gave you your order free if it arrived late? Caused no end of moped accidents!

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I think they are aiming to be like Netflix or Deliveroo.

If you promise groceries in 2 hours, somebody else will come along and offer 1 hour, so you have to up your game to 30 minutes. Or today’s impatient millennial will ditch you.

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