Delivery vs Residential Addresses

Do I have to have a car delivered to, or collected from, the address I actually live at? I ask because I move about a lot for work etc. So, it would be very beneficial to me if I could have a car delivered to or collected from somewhere other than where I live.

Thanks in advance for your answer. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes this has been done by others in the past, either workplace or friends/family address. You will need to ensure you have identity proof as part of the handover and obviously be available when the driver arrives.

Not sure of the process to do this, so make sure you get it all sorted via CS team.


@clique_carbon Hey hows it going!

you can have the vehicle delivered to any residential address or place of work providing its you or a named driver who receives the handover from our driver.

The only places we won’t deliver to are places such as airports, random shops in the high streets etc. but any residential address is fine providing its in the UK

hope this helps!


Great, thanks Dan!

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