Delivery today - not updated?


My first car is due to be delivered today. Had the text/link to say my car is on the way, but under my subscription page it still shows “Car Reg to be assigned 16 Dec” (Start time shows 9am).

Will this update later or is there anything else I need to do? I thought it was supposed to update automatically 30 minutes before the start time.

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Hi - welcome - great stuff!

From personal experience about 5 weeks back, I wouldn’t panic just yet!

Have you had contact from the driver yet?

Have you got the Onto app downloaded and ready to go - Don’t HIT the key yet!!

Reg possibly won’t update until the car is delivered… but I’ve noticed a laggy update of car details in the Onto app this morning and I think the systems do take a while to update from time to time.

If you are getting anxious, you might get into an online chat with Onto Customer Services…


No contact from the driver, just the link which was sent just after 8am this morning. The app still just say that it will update 30 mins before the collection time.

Will see what happens and call them midday if nothing!

Thanks for the quick reply

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Morning Clare. Welcome and congratulations on your new car. My own experience in October of my first delivery was that my contract was due to start at 1pm, I received a call from the driver to say that he was washing it and would be there in half an hour (at around half ten) and then all of a sudden he was at my front door. I had no tracking information or updates prior to that telephone call. So unless you receive something telling you that it isn’t coming, I wouldn’t give up hope- indeed, I’d give yourself permission to get a bit excited about your lovely new EV.
The two guys were friendly and courteous, showed me how to use the car and where all of the kit was and only left once I was happy (which was pretty quickly). Most deliveries go off without a hitch and I’m sure yours will join those ranks today :slight_smile:


Did the delivery get completed?

It’s here! I decided to wait until 12.30 to see if it updated and it did - then a call from the driver to say she was about an hour away.

Can’t fault the delivery (even though I think communication/information available on the app before delivery could be a little better)

Now for lots of fun in the Kona!


@Clare Welcome to Onto - she’s a beauty by the way - glad your delivery went to schedule :wink:


Yay - great news! Enjoy!

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Great news- enjoy.

Awesome!! Have fun in the kona! You will not have a complaint with its range. Probably charging speeds, all the bings and bongs and wheel spin. Apart from that the car is amazing!

Also seems like ONTO isn’t getting new konas. They seem to be switching over the existing ones. Mine is also a 21 plate.

@Pranjal - isn’t the Ioniq 5 the replacement for the Kona in the Hyundai EV lineup? Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong though.

just asking for a friend :wink:


The Ioniq 5 is not a Kona replacement. If you ever get the chance to see one in person you’ll see why. They’re so much bigger than they look in photos, just like the Kona is smaller than they look in photos.

While they are still taking orders right now, I Don’t think the Kona will remain on sale for too much longer, or at least not in it’s current form. But the Ioniq 5 definitely wasn’t supposed to take it’s place entirely.

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Ooooo put me on the reservation list for that!! Are we looking at Jan 22 :wink: . Just wink for a yes. :sweat_smile:


If you have a spare one lying around, I suppose I could, just as a favour you know, try it out for while for you…and your “friend”… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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