Delivery Time

That’s the same company, branch, and possibly driver, as delivered my car, Kevcasey. Gefco @ Corby

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Mine have come on back of truck a few times due to distance and lack of rapid charge points

Have my car being delivered today and I’m already seeing the same here. Moveecar hasn’t moved at all and in app the cars location is Gefco Corby still… Is it normal for these two to be completely different locations? I guess I go by the car location rather than Moveecar?

Guess I just have to rely on the delivery guy calling me when they’re close? Assuming it comes on the back of a small truck given it’s coming from Corby to London?

I’ve also noticed the battery go down from 83% to 77% without the car moving… what’s the usual percentage you receive the car with? I hope it doesn’t arrive with an unusable amount…

When my car was delivered on Tuesday, the ONTO location stayed as “BCA Wolverhampton” for the entire time the car was in transit, however the link from moveecar worked realtime.

My car was delivered with high 70s in terms of its percentage of charge.

The driver called me 45 minutes before delivery (i.e. when he set off) and also told me he’d be calling in to a car wash on the way. Couldn’t fault the service or communications at all. Perfect.

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Given that delivery is supposed to be contact-free (although mine always wanted me to sign things - presumably for the driver’s benefit!) it might be just as well to do away with any tracking or time promises.

Your car will be delivered some time on Tuesday. You don’t need to be in; you don’t need to wait for it. It will just appear.

@GreekIronMan Good to be there if you can be though, and just take loads of photos for future reference. Don’t forget any accessories such as first aid kit/emergency triangle, locking wheel nuts, two charging cables and mats if they’re not already in place. And of course a key and two charging cards!

@GreekIronMan Corby to London is only 100 miles so be surprised if it wasn’t just driven to you.

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Stupid question, these would be already fitted to the wheels right? What in particular are you looking for? Do you get/need to check for a key for them? (My first delivery is tomorrow! :confetti_ball: :tada: )

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The Moveecar location is now moving but the car location is still in Corby :joy: Looks like it’s coming from Isle of Sheppey then guys!

Will definitely take pictures when it arrives for my own peace of mind. Will let you know what percentage it arrives with.

The original bolts and the key to unlock the new locking ones.

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I think it depends on the car - don’t recall getting normal nuts with the i3 as I suspect BMW go to the effort of fitting the locking ones as standard at the factory :rofl:.

The Kona had a bag of :peanuts: unceremoniously left in the footwell.


They’re driving the car to me, I can see the blue point on moveecar is stationary. Done some quick googling and he’s at a charger, charging the car up. Looking forward to getting it in a couple of hours I’m guessing.

The driver that delivered my most recent vehicle said they have to deliver them with at least 60% charge.

Got mine with about 80%, not too bad at all :slight_smile: Can’t wait to take it for a spin a bit later on.


Had my first car delivered yesterday, unfortunately it arrived approx 45 minutes after the 9am-1pm window so I had already left for work and my wife was left to sort it. The driver told her he had got a stone chip on the windscreen on the way which is not a great start! I had a quick check last night when I got home but could not really see much so hoping it’s nothing.

Make sure you take pics, report it to ONTO and get it repaired as a chip soon becomes a crack.

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This afternoon’s my delivery slot! Booked in February and really looking forward to it! (an i3)


Great thread … car due today before 1pm, question I have is where do I get the movecar tracking link … all comms I have talks to tracking in app and has the car at gefco sheerness which strikes me as just in range for Guildford and an i3

My car was also delivered yesterday. I had the 9-1 window and it came just before 2pm. No damage though and car is looking good and feels good to drive.

Went and tested a local shell 150kwh charger and it didn’t work LOL - great start.

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