Delivery Time

Not a great start. Vehicle due by 5pm. Nothing arrives. I email On.To. Get a call at 5.22pm saying they are on their way and vehicle will be delivered in 40 mins. The tracker means I know they weren’t on their way.

Anyone else had this kind of service? Does it bode poorly, or is this just a one off?

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While certainly not an ideal situation, I have to say the tracking did not work for me correctly during my last delivery this Monday. The delivery before this one I could track the driver through the onto app every 10 minutes or so, but this time the onto app still showed their location at the Gefco location the car came from when they were just minutes away from me.

The actual tracking from Moveecar didn’t work in either delivery, but that apparently only updates if the driver uses the Moveecar app to navigate, which a lot of them don’t do.

Overall you will find that this is most likely a one off. I’ve always found onto’s service very good.

The movee tracking doesn’t work for me so if they say they are on way om sure they are.

I think they (Gefco or BCS ?) deliver several car a day and if one gets delayed they all push back, I had a 6pm arrive at 11.30pm. In every case I think the driver phoned or texted to keep me informed so it wasn’t a problem but I wouldn’t book an afternoon delivery if I was depending on the car that evening. After all its not like renting a car for a day and expecting it to arrive by a specific time.

My cars always seem to arrive early! I saw that the last delivery guy was charging at 7kW at a nearby Waitrose. I rang and told him not to bother, and that I was ready and waiting impatiently for my e-208! And if he could see his way to bringing me a pint of milk, I’d be most obliged :rofl:

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Mine are always late but its where I live and tbf they always communicate very very well so I expect it.

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@MarkC I hope your car arrived, there is not a lot I can do at this moment in time, but please let me know if it doesn’t arrive, unfortunately if the driver suffers delay earlier in the day this can knock onto the later deliveries. They do usually let us know and we try to keep you informed with updates.


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I’ve noticed with the GEFCO/MoveCar tracking link, it only updates if the driver has their app running, so it showed the vehicle in portbury but it rocked up outside minutes later.


The car did eventually arrive. It was dark, so I could not properly inspect it. The delivery driver was very disinterested (whilst remaining impeccably polite - a wonderful display of passive-passive behaviour, I thought). He provided no explanation as to how to operate the car, charge the car, or anything else. I had to ask him about charging cables. He opened the boot and showed me where they were, then was off.

As per my original message, he knew he was going to be late BEFORE 5.22pm but chose not to call me. That’s the strangest thing. Why not make a quick call, or even send a quick text? Training need identified?

Anyway, OnTo have refunded me the delivery charge, so let’s hope the issue doesn’t recur if I choose to rent again, or change vehicles.

Also, I shan’t pan OnTo with a bad review over this as I’m balanced enough to know I should wait until I’ve had the full first month’s experience before giving a review, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed all will be good from here on.

Thank you all for your replies.


Glad to hear that your vehicle turned up. Which one have you chosen?

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Unfortunately it’s often a thankless task and very tiring, more so once delays kick in throughout the day. Probably his last drop off and no doubt many hours before he gets back home after what could well be another 10 to 12 hour stint of driving. Having said that he/she should at least question your abilities to safely drive/stop the car, along with basic charging/refuelling information. Most companies have guidelines for what should be offered at a handover. Some handovers are a 5 minute affair, others can turn into a very lengthy training scenario, which will not be scheduled into the travel plans.

And since the pandemic it is normal for delivery drivers to call ahead giving an update on the eta as much for the drivers benefit as the customer. Being a few hours late is often the norm with travel issues the length and breadth of the country. Being on time or early is often the exception. As with a lot of delivery companies having a morning or afternoon window is about as accurate as you can get. Yes I know some deliveries can and do get it better timed with constant text updates and tracking, but they are often just lobbing boxes at front doors and legging it immediately.

Getting the car on the day it was meant to be delivered is good really.

I wonder is this is something that could be determined beforehand - ie. at the time of booking the car with Onto, the customer is asked whether they would like / need any explanation at all when the car is delivered.

Some people, particularly those who’ve had EVs before, may well neither need nor particularly want any explanation of features etc, and may rather just a quick and efficient handover.

If the wishes of customers could be gathered in advance, then that would enable the delivery teams to better prepare for and allow time for those customers that do want / need detailed explanations.

Just a thought @Carol


Great idea, problem will be all the parties involved and ensuring full information is passed down/up the line. That rarely happens in my experience, although good technology should enable that by default. In my time managing Customer Services there was always the promise of such technology providing this 360 degree view, so maybe it’s now doable. Most delivery drivers will only know the basic facts, car, delivery address, contact details.

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@BillN, @burnt_crisps2, we are aware of this and we are hoping to have an improved welcome pack which covers a lot of the above and will support new users introduction to an EV and the app. We continually work with our delivery partners to improve the information and the handover process. Please bear with us we are working on improving all of this asap. But keep the feedback coming


Yes, I’m sure it wouldn’t be as simple in practice as just saying we are now going to start asking customers if they want a handover briefing, and then expecting for those wishes to be met reliably with the existing processes in place.

But…if I can buy something online and write in a box that I want the delivery to be left behind the bin or wherever then it ought to be fairly straightforward to implement a system where the wishes of the customer are conveyed reliably to the deliver providers, and then on to the individual drivers.

I think if I were designing it, I would ensure each and every Onto car has a nicely produced ‘Quick Start Guide’ written by Onto (perhaps with input from members) customised for the particular model of car. This would live in and stay with the car (like the owner’s manuals). This would explain the basics, and any particular nuances of that car, and the app’s operation with that car.

Then, in addition to that, I would ask each customer when they make a delivery booking for a new car if they will also require the delivery driver to conduct a 5-10 min briefing for them, or not. They will be advised that each car comes with a customised Quick Start Guide, in addition to the standard owner’s manual.

If they still opt for a briefing it would explain the basics of charging, operating the app with that car, and of starting, stopping and driving the car. (The Quick Start Guide would cover much of the same stuff, but some people are still going to want to be briefed by someone else).

If they don’t opt for the briefing, the car will just be delivered and the driver will only go over the very basics of demonstrating that all the bits and pieces are there (locking wheel nut key etc). That customer then won’t be subjected to a briefing that they don’t want or need.

If Onto and the delivery providers know in advance which and how many customer need or want a briefing, then they can ensure the additional time required for serving those customers is allowed for. They can also ensure that drivers suitably trained in providing the briefing are assigned to those deliveries.

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I’m a perfectionist by nature, drummed into me in my early career years. I could write a lengthy submissive on the issues faced by the delivery companies, as I always put myself in the others persons shoes to fully understand both sides, but it’s too much for this thread, so I think it’ll be interesting to see how ONTO move forward as Carol has indicated above, along with all the great information that gets put voiced on the forum threads.

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e-208 GT Line. Seems like a nice car. I have an Alfa Gulietta and it’s quite different to that, but nice enough if a little bland. Given the benefit to the environment, I’m content to drive something with less “soul” :wink: so hope the month’s experience goes well.

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Most vehicles have less soul than an Alfa, electric or ICE :wink:

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Alfa have some lovely drivers cars. Quadrifoglio is an outstanding version too :+1::wink::hugs:

My car is being swopped Monday and I’ve already had a call to advise change in time again excellent service from onto I’ve never had any issues apart from being late but I expect it where I am and every driver Iin particular Graham (gefco) from corby has been excellent and a great ambassador for gefco