Delivery software issues


I’ve just had an excellent delivery experience, the driver charged and washed the car for me!

However I cannot get the Onto app or the Tesla app to work. I’ve seen the CS team be super responsive to these issues on the community page before so thought I’d try my luck. @Adam_at_Onto?


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Think you need an email re setting up and using the Tesla app from Onto.
The Onto app should work, provided you have download the virtual ‘key’.

I keep getting errors about “Car Data not Updated” error from the Onto app. Lock/Unlock works though

Previous threads I saw said the Tesla app email/access was automated once car went out for delivery but that did not happen for me. So wanted to flag for the team so they could get it switched on asap.

Suggest you call or get Onto on chat and they should sort it quickly, as this forum is not a direct CS channel.

@jmg on the day of delivery you should receive an email with the Tesla app log on details and the Tesla will show in your onto app.

I’ve only just seen your post, have you had the email/seeing the car in your app.