Delivery / remaining mileage discrepancy

Hi @Adam_at_Onto,

Would it be possible for you to look into case CS00E0D2 for me please?

Basically, I believe the mileage at the time of delivery has been incorrectly recorded, therefor the remaining miles on my account is also incorrect at this time. I’ve had a few online chats regarding the issue, latest being yesterday and was advised it would be corrected by the end of the day. Checked this morning, and the app is still giving incorrect remaining miles.

No problem @CopperDragon, I will get one of the team to look for you tomorrow.

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Hi - Good morning @CopperDragon -

We have a very small number of Audi’s and VW’s which haven’t been displaying mileage correctly. I believe this is a VW software bug and this will be resolved within the next couple of days (if not already)

I’ve also dropped you a DM with a little more info pertinent to your specific case :wink:

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