Delivery Issues - Was meant to be today!


Just wondering if anyone else if having delivery issues?

I was due to have my first on-to car delivered today between 1pm-5pm. . . But nothing!

Tried the web-chat. . . They said someone else will get back to me. . . Whilst I did miss a call as had work calls to be on, no other messages/emails or anything.

Now don’t know when/if car will be delivered. . . . After much much waiting on the phone line just got told they can’t help at this hour and will have to speak to the team that start at 8am!

Just wondering if anyone else having issues and this is a common problem or I’ve just been unlucky!


Unfortunately these things happen, and they are annoying and disruptive. You have been unlucky…

Have you logged into the OntO My account pages, and does it show a new start date or a new delivery date for tomorrow at all?

If not call at 8am tomorrow and they should be able to tell you what’s happened.

Ps. welcome to the Onto Community…


In short, yes. There have been lots of delivery issues although it seems things have improved somewhat recently.

Search the forum and you’ll find threads on the subject. Unfortunately all you can do is chase up ONTO in the morning and hopefully it’s not a serious issue like a fault with the car. More likely that a delivery driver didn’t make it into work because of having to self isolate.


Both my delivery and uplift were late.

In both cases the driver indicated this was due to unrealistic times being quoted / car not provided on time.

Similar recent bad experience. Not like OnTo at all.

First delivery/car broke down on the way. I was patient and happy for them to try again the week after with a different model. That delivery went ahead but the car was faulty and extremely dirty. Still waiting now to try and get things sorted.

Definiltely not like OnTo from my previous ~2 years of using them. Shame customer service is suffering with their growth.

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Starting to get worried every time I see these posts now. My car is due on Thursday and I’ve got plans at the weekend that rely on me having it. Hopefully these are just the vocal minority and here are lots more people happily getting their cars on time…

I think its just a vocal minority, things happen as with everything in life…

Mine was a couple of hours late, but I had a phone call from OntO to say it would be late, and they explained why, and that put me at ease.

Also don’t forget more people post on forums etc to complain and rant than to praise a company :slight_smile:


On the balance of probability, your Thursday delivery will go fine.

It’s the tail risks where things go wrong: there is then a real chance that customer service will be terrible.

So I raised this subject with Rob. They may have 100 vehicles going out on one particular day, and three drivers don’t turn up. Because of the numbers, the GEFCO team don’t look down the list carefully, identify which vehicles have no driver and then inform ONTO. The first they will know about it is when the anxious customer rings up.

Most of GEFCO’s work involves picking up lease cars which then may spend some time at the depot before being further processed. So collecting and delivering vehicles on time hasn’t needed to be a priority for them. They still have this mindset when dealing with ONTO vehicles. Like a large tanker, GEFCO doesn’t turn direction quickly. There has been a change in the team that looks after the ONTO account, and the new incumbent is a lot more open to dialogue with ONTO and adapting their service to meet the needs of customers like ONTO. Because of being at the forefront of this change, it’s always going to be ONTO that meets up with a certain resistance to implementing new ways of working in these more “traditional’ automotive companies.


Looking forward to the @E7EV [email protected] interview Fully Charged Outside event video :wink:


@Slimtrader10 intended to do a video interview with Rob. Don’t know if he was able to in the end. I prefer an off the record chat. You get much more information as their enthusiasm runs away with them! I can then drip feed this information into posts as and when it’s relevant rather than doing one big “exposé”


Totally appreciate that and great to see you have already covered so many topical items.
Keep em coming. :+1:


Is Onto’s attitude the same “100 customers” logic?
They need regular high volume of monthly paying customers to be sustainable, so as long as 97 are happy they don’t care about the 3 left out?

Yes - I am being picky after the ridiculous poor (and unusual) service recently.

In speaking with lots of different team members from senior management down, I have never once got that impression. On the other hand GEFCO, may well of been applying this rule up until recently. There’s a new person managing the ONTO account, and initial signs are very positive.


Good to hear @E7EV
Rembember, the only thing that actually matters is the actual observable actions and outcomes.

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Just caught an Octopus advert on YouTube where they state that 94% of their customers are happy. So they don’t mind 6 out of 100 of their customers being unhappy, and proud enough to publicise this fact!


Can’t please everyone!

But the comparison to utility companies is not quite fair as they are very different: it’s the exact same end product and cheapest cost is a key factor. What I can do is the same regardless of who I pay for electricity.
There is strong regulation where supply is not cut after many many milestones of unpaid bills, including a central regulatory body for complaints that actually works.
The meter is also transparent clear evidence of what I have consumed

Quite different to cars where it enables a certain lifestyle, requires photo evidence everywhere and can actually cause direct damage if used badly.

And yet so many instances of failing to switch customers to start supply on a previously agreed date due to system issues, billing issues and “bill shock” when direct debits are set up either wrongly, based on poor estimated data or when usage changes, accounts which can build up hundreds of pounds in credit, not to mention the absolute shambles of incorrect meters at supply addresses (particularly in flat setups- both in conversions and new builds!).

There’s a reason that OfGem exists and the complaints structure needs to be set up, it doesn’t mean real and serious issues don’t occur each and every day (but it does mean there should be a clear path to resolution).

I don’t think it’s fair to say that retail energy companies don’t wind up ****ing people off though. Most of the above examples have happened to me just in the last few years (with the exception of the bill shock piece; I’m all over our usage and came up with a model that was very close to spot on forecasting our increase in gas and elec use to account for COVID/perpetual working from home).


Absolutely agree on “there should be a clear path to resolution”. That exists with OfGem.
Does not seem to with OnTO based on recent real experience.

I think aswell after chatting for some time with Rob is the fact that partners like Gefco still dont fully crasp the concept of port to client delivery as @E7EV said they are used to fleet delivery where there isnt any set times for the delivery just that it needs delivering that day,also the fact that onto go to these delivery partners and say we have a 1000 cars being delivered in the next few weeks and gefco etc take it with a pinch of salt and dont implement and specific resources just tocater for ontos business which is significant.Apparantly they have 1000 new cars coming over the next wekks and they are all fully booked already so there is massive pressure on logistics partners to fulfill those deliveries and if at the last minute a driver phones in sick etc they arent necessarily communicating this with onto directly as they are pushed to the limits and relying on part time and secondary job delivery drivers.I dont think this issue is going to go away but know that Rob and ONTO have this as there top priority as it is damaging to the brand if people dont get there cars when expected.The other thing is we only see when people dont get delivery for every late delivery there are hundreds of good deliveries but people dont go onto forums to praise a company so the perception of the deliveries is massively skewed.