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Hi I was just wondering do we get a confirmed notification or anything the the car will be definetly delivered to us on the date stated?

My reason behind this is due to our 11 week old son was rushed into hospital for open heart surgery on Tuesday and were in another city not far but a good 50 minutes away.

Of course you can imagine we’re devastated and don’t want to waste a day away from him.

If they confirmed it would make it easier for us but we don’t even know how long our baby will be in the hospital for so just looking for any delivery help

Sorry to hear about your Son, and hope he recovers as quickly as possible. In view of the circumstances, ask ONTO if they could deliver to the hospital, or at least close by. Give them a call on Monday.


Likewise with best wishes for your Son. :older_man:


Best wishes for your son. Hope he has a speedy recovery. I know for sure you should be able to get it delivered near the hospital. Last month I was flying out of the country and had my DS3 being returned. I called up ONTO customer service if they could pick it near the airport and they said that in some exceptional cases they can deliver/pick up the car to a different location. In my case since it wasn’t exceptional case so they couldn’t do that and main reason I asked was in case the driver couldn’t pick up the car the day before. Luckily they managed to pick it up so didn’t need to go through with this. But yeah definitely call them and they should be able to help you out with it.


Well I spoke to onto and examined my situation, they couldn’t have been any nicer and it was the easiest call I’ve had to .ake.

So far everything with onto has been amazing and they have made my situation with my little boy soo much easier.

Thank you very much x


Thanks very much for taking time to post the outcome and feedback. Pleased it was so positive. Community members often get left high and dry wondering how it all panned out, particularly where problems are encountered, advice/help given and then not knowing the result. :older_man:


This was the reason I did post the outcome as I’m a new customer 1st car and I honestly have had the best service nothing had been too much of a hassle at all.

Sometimes people forget to post the good stuff and concentrate on bad stuff.


Quick question if I may. My delivery date was meant to be yesterday. I’m patiently waiting. I know where the car is. I have an afternoon off. Is there anything stopping me playing fetch??

Give them a ring and choose option 2 and ask for an update.


Hi @mikeskelton1983

First and foremost welcome to the community.

Sorry to hear your delivery didn’t go as planned. Have you had any communications saying it’s delayed? If not, can I suggest you get in touch with Onto via either live chat on the website, or by giving them a call; 0800 030 6840 option 2 for new customers.

Unfortunately the car can’t be picked up as they’re stored at complex logistics locations which don’t allow for public admissions, and they’re usually cleaned on the way to you on the day of delivery.

Can I also double check, please make sure you haven’t clicked on the “Key” button in the Onto app. If you have, you’ll need to take a note of the car’s mileage on delivery and get in touch with Onto to let them know – once you “claim” the key, the app will automatically register the car as being yours and the delivery miles will come out of your allowance.

Hope this helps, and hopefully you’re able to arrange it to be delivered very soon :crossed_fingers:


Just out of interest, I know the delivery has changed to all day at some point rather than AM and PM, I’m hoping to sneak in a dropless wash before I swap cars as I won’t have time during the week. I see the earliest I can get a wash on the day is 7.30am, saying it will be completed by 8.45am. Does anyone know the earliest the delivery team could turn up?

That very much depends on the logistics outfit doing the delivery/collection. If there is one very close to you, then it could be 09:00 hrs. Or even earlier as the travel time will be next to nothing.
If the logistics base is further away, then it’ll be roughly whatever the travel time is from there, but some drivers will start work at varying times of the day to fit in with the planning schedule and requested delivery/collection times. That does not mean your delivery/collection is first on the list. Typically drivers do several delivery and collections in one day and work with a colleague so they can lift one another to collections, which is why the routes taken can appear to be indirect (haphazard) if you have live tracking.

You’ll only know for sure what time the delivery/collection is likely to be when the driver calls you.

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My car delivery took place at 9:45 am.


Yeah I was thinking it would be around 9.30 or after. I’m in London think the nearest is Bedford? Think that’s where my Zoe came from so that’s a good 50/60miles isn’t it…

Oh well if they come before 8.45 gonna have to wait! :joy::joy::joy: