Delivery Delay due to accident


Does anyone have any experience with a car that has been involved in an accident so they are unable to deliver it? (Of course I hope no one was hurt) What is the time frame usually for them to source a new car?

Also, I feel now with the increased fees for new renters, that the tracking of an order should be a lot better. I am not sure why the supplier could have not texted me earlier today to say it would not be delivered. I had to keep contacting ONTO.

As they currently have very few cars available, you’ll be lucky to get a replacement vehicle.

Recently on the forum, one user who really should have been given another vehicle has been stuck with an undriveable car due to the car shortage.

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I did think this would be the case. :frowning_face:

Thankfully I am currently in a Kona, so it is not a disaster.

Although I have a road trip planned at end of Jan and I could really do with the bigger boot of the ID3.

Fingers crossed the accident was just something minor and they can fix it quickly and deliver it to you soon.

I hope so, as I do not fancy paying for another car wash for the current Kona!

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Hi @RB96Elec - I’m sorry to hear that your delivery has been delayed.

The timeframe to source a new vehicle depends on a few factors such as availability of stock and logistics partners availability to schedule a redelivery - along with other factors - it’s a tricky one to give a timeframe for unfortunately.

Have you spoken with our Customer Service Team - as they would be able to liaise with Logistics in order to source any potential replacements for such an issue?


Thanks Raheel!

I am going to see what can be done as rather important as was going on a road trip with some family, one in a wheelchair and the kona boot is just to small!

I’m in a similar situation, was supposed to have a Zoe delivered on Friday but was told that it was in an accident. Spoke to someone today who said they would cancel my subscription and rebook as this would be quicker than sourcing a new car.

Still waiting for my updated hire agreement to come through but have been given a new delivery date of Monday next week. I’m having to get lifts into work for the rest of the week as my current car has to go back to the dealership on Tuesday, so hope there are no more delays!

Hi Raheel,

I got a call from them, they are trying to source another car. I am surprised though to see tonight that a VW ID3 has appeared on the car selections.

Would the team not have known about this before it appears on the site?

Book it now :open_mouth:

It just states about calling the helpline, which seems to be down!

Plus don’t want to book under another email then they can’t transfer :persevere::frowning:

I had something similar last year August. Wanted to move away from the DS3 and there was an ioniq available but because the system was down I couldn’t do it myself. Called them up and they said it’s non urgent so I should call at 8am. Called the next day but someone else managed to get it. Was so frustrated because I could have got it but just because of their system being down I couldn’t. It would have been nice if the customer agent on the phone would have blocked the car for me for atleast 24 hrs. Anyways now have a Kona so I’m okay

I think the ability for existing customers to arrange swaps online is something Onto need to sort urgently. I’m amazed we can’t do it already.


@Tomahawx - hold tight :wink:

@RB96Elec - we use a live, real time booking system, so we would see the same thing as customer’s - we wouldn’t know about it before hand. As soon as a collection is arranged this shows up as an available vehicle for another customer to book. If you still need further assistance please let me know & I’ll bump this with our Customer Service Team for you. :slight_smile:


Hi Raheel,

Could you bump to the customer service team please?

sure thing - DM me your account details & I’ll get that forwarded for you @RB96Elec :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply @Raheel_at_Onto . Good to know it’s in the pipeline!


@Tomahawx - I’ve been one of the Onto Guinea Pigs for our Tech Team - all I can say for now is keep your eyes peeled for an app update in the not too distant future :slight_smile:

CORRECTION - not app update, just the website first


Such a tease @Raheel_at_Onto


:wink: @mozzauk

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