Delivery/collection charge higher than previously read

So I have been watching several videos on Youtube showing the costs of having an ONTO EV, and even went on the website a couple of weeks ago and almost booked the car.

Delivery and collection was always quoted at £45 each way or just £45 for a swap, but last night I went to do it, and see the charge is £99.50 each way, which is double?

Then I see the 1000 miles I have seen recently is now only 750 miles per month?

Am I doing something wrong or have they bumped their prices up recently?

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@paulthegman you are seeing the updated prices and mileage allowance. All the youtube videos you watched are now outdated. The new collection/delivery pricing came in at the start of the year and the revised mileage allowance and car pricing also took into effect in the past few weeks.

One thing to lighten the cost would be to use a referral code (most of us have it in our bio). That will get you 50 off so you will come back to the 49.50 as your delivery cost.

As for the mileage allowance, ONTO said most of their customers do under 750 miles so as a business they took this decision to reduce the allowance and align with the industry.

What car are you considering? I’m using the Hyundai Kona Ultimate.


Hi Thanks for the reply, these changes make a short term 1-2 month hire a lot more expensive than the previous time, especially if you want the 1000 miles as I would. On top of this, the actual hire price has gone up too. So to be clear, for one month lease, and 1000 mile of the cheaper Zoe, its £199 more now than a couple of months ago, that’s a massive jump I think, that’s a 41.5% increase for short term leasing.


As @Pranjal says…

Plus, the Man-Math involved is usually pretty personal and complex.

I know I came from a big old barge of an ICE (averaging <24mpg of petrol and imminently ready for £1k+ bills) in which I had mileage going from 7k pre pandemic down to 3k… which is getting to be ridiculous in terms of car ownership.

In only 4 ½ months with Onto I’ve already exceeded 5k miles :flushed::flushed::flushed: because of a set of circumstances such as EVs are so much fun to drive, I don’t feel so “guilty” about polluting the planet and I’m off many days looking for somewhere new to get my daily walk…

So take care in estimating your expected mileage :joy: but consider that and whether you’re coming to Onto for one month or medium-term, then you can see those delivery charges in context.

Also, swapping is not the full delivery cost and would be subsidised a little bit by any reward (sort-of-monthly-loyalty-points) you build - or indeed extra mileage to suit your needs! So, if your motivation were say (as is mine) to try 3 cars over a year it will be a whole different proposition than a one month “rental”….

So: mileage expected? which car? time horizon?

Whichever way, welcome to the community! :+1:

Edited to add: took so long with my reply :joy: … yes - everything is more expensive this year, and it is hitting the lowest priced cars hardest :confused:


Your calculations are mostly right (the inflation is slightly lower, as delivery/collection and swap fees all used to be £49.50) - but in essence the most expensive way to use Onto is to use it for one month only.

The increased fee for delivery/collection incentivises longer subscriptions a little bit (but then as you rightly point out, those prices have increased also.

It’s not that dissimilar from a price hike that happened a couple of years ago, however then legacy customers got offered to have the price grandfathered for a little longer.

The new pricing is getting a lot of attention/discussion and as with any price increase, isn’t overly well received, only you can make up your mind as to whether it represents value for you.


Thanks for the point of view

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Unfortunately everything is going up in price and the logistics companies have increased their costs to Onto by a huge amount. This is simply because there are not enough drivers and the ones they do have are being paid more to retain them. I doubt Onto are covering their own costs with the current delivery/collection rates.

As others have said above try and minimise the costs with referral, longer period of subscription etc. and or the fact there is so much choice of make/model, but probably try and go the make/model that suits your exact circumstances.

We are living in a very volatile world and prices of everything are unlikely to stabilise this year or even next.


Please, please please don’t open up old wounds. Do a search and you’ll find the thread where current subscribers expressed a similar view to your’s.


Maybe the community forum isn’t the best way but I think that Onto would benefit from hearing feedback like this. Their marketing strategy doesn’t reflect their actual business model and this confuses people. They wanna position themselves between car sharing and traditional leasing but they are a traditional leasing with a very low exit penalty and no guarantee of a fixed price.

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