Delivery- charging cards

Ok, so getting my first On.To vehicle delivered on Monday. Not my first electric car I hasten add. I’ve owned a 40kw Nissan Leaf and had numerous rentals of Jag iPace, Tesla Model S P100D, Model X P100D, Model Y/3 Performance, most recently a Polestar 2 - which I must say is superb!

I’ve decided to opt for the Ze50 GT Line in Flame Red (best colour IMO) just while we are in lockdown - no need for a bigger car as it’s currently just me driving to work and back 20mile round trip. (Key worker unfortunately)
I’ve seen some posts about the ZE50 having mats in the boot so I’ll look out for them.
My main question is obviously charging cards.

They’re to be located in the glovebox - do you get the polar and the Shell card in there?
I’ve seen stories of people having their cars delivered and the delivery driver walking off with the charge card by mistake etc. So I’ll defo avoid that. Lol.

Also do the charging cards have to be kept in the glovebox or can they be moved when not in use, just wondering if it’s like some car clubs where the car won’t move unless the fuel card is replaced in its holder.

Probably seems like a couple of daft questions but always good to be aware before it happens.

Cheers everyone.

Stay Safe!


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You should get the two charge cards with the car and then you can keep them where you want. Overmats being in the boot will depend on whether you get a brand new car or not. Otherwise they’ll be already in situ.


Awesome thanks for confirmation

Mines going back Monday for i3 you’ll love, the ze50 it’s, a lovely drive


@Kevcasey how low is your dashcam? (can just about see it here) Seen people on here saying it was a bit low? In general on the Zoe.

Not low at all really good location tbh it’s close to top in middle

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My Zoe was brand new. It has some Renault mats installed already. Not sure if they’re the right type but that’s what it had :smiley:

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Yeah, just got delivered. Only done 2k miles pretty much spotless I’ve gone round it as best I could given the snow. Etc…it’s got both cards thankfully and the mats etc. Chargers are all present and correct too. Can’t fault the handover. Very nice bloke and very friendly, tracking app worked and was on time as he said he would be give or take 15mins but I can waive that As he courtesy called me to tell me he was charging etc. All in all very happy with handover and car so far. We’ll see how she drives when I go to work Weds!! image|375x500

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@E7EV Even on the M3, the cam is still in zone B, but, it pretty much has to be in Zone B for the camera to have a decent view, but a dash cam fitted to a Tesla is like a chocolate fireguard with the 360 cams


Tbh I didn’t even check when the guy came and dropped the car off as I didn’t notice the dash cam when I got in the car and drove it round the block to get used to it. Ha. I’ll have a look tomorrow. Either way - it’s not in my line of sight - that’s what I was hoping. :ok_hand:

I didn’t get a shell card with my car today