Delivery and collection prices going up

What was the main reason why
delivery and collection prices going up. Would be possible to pickup and deliver the car ourself .

Plenty of other threads debating and answering this.

Onto have for probably the last 2 years been keeping prices much lower than what it actually costs them. The logistics companies do not have enough drivers, their costs have escalated, like everything else, and they have got to a point where Onto cannot absorb them any longer. Hence the price rises.

Personal collection or drop off is not available as all the logistics depots are non consumer friendly, out of the way massive sites and they do not have the setup to deal with individuals and it is not the business model they use. It is all delivery/collect to home/workplace.


TBH I wouldn’t mind an increase in the collection or delivery costs if that means the car is checked properly and any damage noted and recorded and signed for by both parties at the point of handover….

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They do this to the best extent they can already with the sheer amount of photos that the delivery driver takes to try and protect both you AND themselves upon return.

But it still has to go through the proper inspection team who are properly trained in what to look out for, as well as being cleaned and in good light once it’s back at the logistics depot.

A full inspection from a regular delivery driver on the road outside your home, possibly in the dark, or in rain/snow given winter conditions just isn’t practical.


I would have to disagree, quoting @seabass from another thread

“I’ve just had my faulty Zoe swapped by Elmo and I want to detail my experience with the Cinch Driver (basically BCA).

He was here for an hour - and quite literally spent 30 minutes detailing the entire of my new car (102 miles on the clock) and then 30 minutes on my broken car, again detailing it to perfection. I had to sign off on all the damage they’d noted, agree to it etc. He took measurements of every single nick, scuff, dent, mark and whatnot. The photos are crystal clear, and he’s taken a long, up close video of each car as well.

I’ve already been emailed both condition reports, within minutes of them being completed.

I asked the driver who had asked for the detailed reports, and his response that it was Elmo who had requested it (and always do now). So I can’t see the reason why Onto can’t request the same thing.

Before today, I have had two Onto cars and three Elmo cars and I have never had a delivery/collection/swap last more than ten minutes. I am very impressed with this process. The fact that it took an hour doesn’t bother me one bit if it means it was done properly.”

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And a follow up response to put that in perspective…


Good to hear of your experience and I have had similar with Pivotal, however a full inspection of any car can only be done in the correct lighting conditions. Rarely can that be achieved on site (especially at this time of year) and that is why all vehicles go through a thorough check when they are indoors in a lighting booth designed to show up any/all issues. So there is always going to be 2 checks of the car. One on collection/swap/delivery and one when the vehicle gets back to the logistics centre.

If the 2 match up, then there is no issue, the problems are always when extra things show up later on.

Having done some of this myself it’s often the case that scratches/marks are not visible in certain light and then later in the same day they are.

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I don’t disagree with you. I am very interested to see the follow up (prices etc) from BCA which I’d expect in the next couple of days.

There’s no wording anywhere on any of my condition paperwork of “this is subject to another inspection/change” etc - but I’m very happy with the process so far. With how thorough the driver was, if they come back and say “oh this is damaged too” it’s an easier argument of “well, your driver didn’t spot this in his 30 minute check”.

I will definitely report back on any follow up from this. Apparently my car’s going straight on Cinch to be sold.

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It is a bit of a ‘grey’ area for sure in terms of the condition of the car at point of return, being at actual pickup or logistics centre return.

Suffice to say my Pivotal experience has been very thorough, maybe more so than yours. All done as part of a software package routine, which directs the driver to every aspect of the car, internal as well as external, all accessories with photo evidence.

My recent swap in September I thoroughly washed and cleaned the car in and out the day before ready for collection on what was a cloudy/overcast day. I noted a few stone chips on the front bumper/lower bonnet area and nothing else.
On the day of collection I dried the overnight dew off the car and inspected again and later in the day the sun came out before the swap.

The brand new car arrived and was inspected by both me and him. It had just been washed again in Banbury before delivery, as it would have been fully prepped at Bruntingthorpe before delivery as I know this is the JLR delivery centre and the app allows tracking days before it’s arrival. No issues at all.

The returning car was inspected and due to the bright sunshine he picked up some minor scratches on the rear bumper, which was facing east, which I had not seen in previous light. However he didn’t see the very small stone chips on the front due to looking towards the sun. I pointed these out to him so they got detailed on his report.

Which just goes to show it is not easy to assess and mirrors my own experience.

The learning point from this is another pair of eyes is always useful to assess and if possible the day before and on the day of collection/swap. Ask Partner/wife/other family member to look round, but it does take some training in order to do properly. Crouch down look along the side of the car, same at rear, get some steps and look down on the car, roof/pano etc. Run your fingers down the edge of the doors to check for chips.
Don’t forget the inside, look at the carpets, the seats, seat backs, seat belts, door cards, sills and always look up at the roof lining, particularly the rear as any loads shoved in the boot with the back seats down may have marked/damaged it.

My Pivotal return was soon acknowledged as all fair wear and tear.
Trust yours ends up the same and to be honest if after the inspections done by yourself and the driver at collection anything further that does show up must surely be deemed to be in the fair wear and tear category as it has to be very minor.


My collection/delivery was the same, all through an iPad, had to either watch the gentleman go around the car or watch the video of it after he’d done it. He pointed out everything he was writing down, he must have taken about twenty photographs (plus the long video). Driver couldn’t proceed without me agreeing and signing.

It had rained overnight so the car was wet, but he got out some cleaning/soaking cloths from a sealed packet and wiped the rain away to do the checks.

The checks were also GPS stamped, and they took a photo of the car’s navigation system showing my house, so there’s no “ah but you took those photos away from my house/after you’d taken the car” which again I can see has been a big point of argument.

Some of the damage (all four wheels) was either there when I got the car or caused when the car broke down and was recovered, thankfully I have evidence of this - so will be interesting to see what Elmo come back with.

The internal boot lip of the Zoe was also scratched, some there on delivery (again I got photos when I got the car in January) but some moreso. I think they’re covered under the fair wear and tear, especially as there’s nothing to protect it on the Zoe.

There is some panel damage after my partner (honest, wasn’t me) glanced a high kerb in a car park - got quoted £700 for the panel to be replaced by a bodyshop, but the delivery driver has noted down that it just needs a repaint (though the scratches are fairly deep). What I am very interested to see is what they do with this - as I said before, me and the driver have “agreed” the collection condition and there’s nothing anywhere to say “we can re-assess this”.

The car arrived “road dirty” and on 84% from Corby (so no longer based out of just Upper Heyford/Bicester) and the driver was extremely apologetic. But considering the roads were wet, and 84% charge remaining is more than acceptable so I’m not fussed about those.