Delivery and Collection Issues

My last company car was delivered by transporter, the lorry had three other cars on it. Cars can be loaded at the depot already charged, cleaned and checked for damage. I would have thought that was a lot more efficient than 4 men driving cars to their destination, possibly picking up damage, charging them en-route, possibly cleaning them etc etc then asking for a lift to the station/bus.


Thanks for the update hopefully will get the new Kona in the next week or so but there is no rush I got the Zoe to keep me company in the meantime :blush:

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That works fine if the road/housing infrastructure can accommodate such a large vehicle.
Many car deliveries will be to parts of the country that have narrow winding roads with no turning opportunities. The delivery address may also have restricted access.
Hence the reason cars are mostly driven individually for delivery/collection.

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Or the transporter can park close by and offload, which is what I thought he might have to do with my house, but they said if a dustcart can get to my house so
can their transporter. Very few places that a dustcart can’t get to.

Guess it wasn’t a full size car transporter then.
Refuse lorry size is usually ok, but often oil tankers have smaller sizes because they cannot deliver to places in the countryside/villages etc. As access is restricted.

Regardless I can’t see the third parties they currently use for delivery/collection changing to transporters as it’s not part of their setup. Anyone can drive a car, whereas a transporter will require a HGV licence or whatever it needs these days.

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No, it was a four car transporter not an Arctic.

I agree, but the current setup clearly isn’t working.

@Rob_at_Onto said either at the end of last year or the beginning of this year that they are recruiting their own drivers and I’m sure I did see open positions on onto’s career page, but I can’t find any on there now so I’m not sure what’s happening about that.

I believed he mentioned that in a thread about problems with their outsourced drivers.

Well my swap was due this afternoon, no sign of it still, just rang up and was told mine wasn’t on the list of delayed cars, but as it’s still not arrived it won’t be today or this weekend now.

Not too fussed about the delay, it’s the lack of communication for me, it took me holding on for 40+ mins to get through to ask the question.

Spent this morning cleaning and getting a full charge as I was off work, waste of time that was.


I feel your pain. Took the day off work to get my first car delivered for a morning delivery slot. Last time I checked it was on the m6 outside Knutsford :roll_eyes: no phone call or message to explain the delay (although the support team was great when I used the Web help an hour or so ago). At this rate it might be here for 10pm.

As Joe at Onto stated it’s been a dreadful week due to earlier issues with 3rd parties.
I should think the staff are all run ragged with re-arranging things.

Shame some will have not been kept in the loop though.


Yes I totally understand it happens at time. Just frustrating getting it charged to 100% and washed today ready to go back, but at least I’ve still got a car unlike some.
As mentioned a quick call would have saved me wasting my final day off work.


Totally understand. I did the same a while back, spent the day cleaning inside and out ready for a potential swap, but it didn’t materialise. However, on the plus side it was lovely driving a very clean car :blush: and getting admiring looks.


Ahh, just seen this after sending an email asking what happened to today’s swap.
No problem if the car is a few days late, but can I at least have my Zoe put back on the app so I can use it? Otherwise I’m without a car, even though there is an onto vehicle still on my driveway!!

Give them a call they will put your current car on for a few extra days, mine has been extended until Tuesday for now.


Thank you! I had this issue with my Zoe last week but honestly ONTO went above and beyond to sort it for me. I’m so grateful for the level of customer service I received.

Very grateful for all the support and absolutely addicted to the EV experience already!

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Do we know wat area the delays are in or is it countrywide

Big thank you to all the guys at ONTO.

Zoe GT has been returned and the Kona arrived exactly as planned with the instavolt card as well.

Very happy with the service.


I think I will be lucky to see mine before July at this rate.
Another failed delivery today they came to pick the Zoe with no Kona to swop it with haha.

My first Onto car (Zoe Iconic) was due for delivery today between 09:00 and 13:00 - that suited me well, and I shifted my meetings to this afternoon. At 13:25 the car was still around 40 miles away, stationary, and had been for around an hour (lunch break?).

I was somewhat annoyed that nobody from Onto had made contact with me to alert me that the delivery would not be in the scheduled period, so I called to establish what the new estimated time would be. The help line was really friendly, and offered to waive the delivery fee (although I see that hasn’t been done), and would contact the driver and get back to me.

However, whilst on the phone, the driver had called and said he was having to charge the car… now, surely, Onto factor this into the delivery programming?!

Why not contact the clients and let them know? It was all a shoddy experience, and somewhat disappointing… :frowning:


You and me both, my failed delivery on Friday has now been put down to a faulty car that should not have been allocated to anyone. Promised a call back in 2 hours yesterday from Olga that never happened so I’ve chased today and luckily got through to the lady who I spoke to on Friday who has been dealing with it in the background, they are trying to find a car but 22nd June may be the best now.

Not great when you book 2 months in advance, again getting the delivery fee back but I’m half tempted just to stick with the ZE40 now.