Delivery and Collection Issues

Hi all,

As some of you who have had deliveries in the last few days will unfortunately know, we have been facing severe disruption to our vehicle delivery and collection services throughout this week so far.

This has come with no warning from one of our largest logistics suppliers. Yesterday 25 of our customer deliveries and collections were cancelled with no prior warning. For context on a normal day this may happen once, twice if we’re unluckily. Our team has been working around the clock to try to limit the impact to customers and rearrange these deliveries - including our team from head office driving cars around the country to customers. Unfortunately even with this it has led to a large number of failed deliveries both to and from our customers over the start of this week and continues to affect our planned movements for the remainder of the week.

We are working closely with our suppliers to do everything we can to minimise the disruption to our service and complete all failed deliveries and collections over the next few days. We will continue to provide regular updates to all those affected and sincerely apologise to those of you that have been impacted by this.

Regardless of the reasons, this isn’t good enough. We will be waiving delivery fees for all customers that have been affected and contacting you about further compensation. Sorry for the disruption and please get in touch with our customer service team if you want any further information.



Thanks for the heads up @Joe_at_Onto. Very open and transparent. Looks like you’re working late too. Well done to you and your team.


Well done for acknowledging the problem, trying to resolve and offering commitments to waive fees to affected customers!

I (along with many many others) have had several delivery issues, and while these are carried out by third parties, the blame is always aimed at the service provider (OnTo)

Thank you and all the best resolving these issues :slight_smile:


Thank you for coming to the forum to give us an update on the situation! I have a Zoe coming on Monday so will brace myself for a possible delay.


Understood @Joe_at_Onto and thank you to you and the team for the timely information.:older_man:


Why can’t you put it back the way it used to be?
I don’t want to wait in all day for a delivery driver, to maybe show up. I also don’t like the thought of them sleeping in my new car :face_vomiting: or that they’ve been asking customers for lifts to the station.

I collected my car from a car park close to my house, it was contactless and I could rock up when I fancied rather than waiting in all day.

Partly another reason I don’t swap n change cars, the whole delivery thing puts me off.


I agree. Swap points were so much easier and none of the deliveries I’ve had since they were removed have been even remotely Covid-safe. None of the drivers wore a mask while delivering the car so I have to assume they didn’t wear one while driving the car either, and every single driver asked me to sign for delivery/collection on their phone.


Even though the swap points are a good idea and should be reopened I wouldn’t want it to be the only option like it use to be, as the closest to me would not be convenient for me due to the distance away it was.


I’ve only had 2 cars with onto. Both this year so both delivered. First one in January was very covid friendly , second one 3 weeks ago wasn’t, no mask and also signed on driver’s phone.
We should be given the choice of either collection or delivery.


Previously you could choose to collect from a Swap Point (free) or pay something like £1.25 a mile from their Head Office in Warwick to your house. With this £50 each way fee, some people lose out (like me, ten miles from a swap point) but others (such as people in Inverness or Plymouth) really come out as winners. It’s six and two threes.

I also would love to see them come back, but now the keys are physically given to you, it makes it much harder to do sadly.


Ah yes. I forgot about the keys!

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And me! Yes, I guess the keys will make the return of the swap points very unlikely now. If I had to choose between return of the swap points and getting the keys I’d choose the keys though to be honest.


It’s still do-able, but much more of a pain. I think there was a discussion about this in a previous thread.

Either Onto install very secure lockboxes at the Swap Points, which I’m sure their insurance wouldn’t like, plus they’d have to get the OK from Landowners - or the Delivery Driver leaves with the key, key goes back to Onto, then Onto post the key to you - and you use the Phone Key in the meantime.

I guess you could also arrange to be at the Swap Point at the same time as the driver, but with the lengthy delivery windows (and a few delays as people have experienced - me included previously) you might be sat in a Sainsburys car park for a few hours, and then negates the flexibility of the Swap Points in the first place.

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The world has changed dramatically since COVID and the likelihood of swap points returning are very, very slim to non-existent. This was debated at length in another thread. In the early days swap points were a means to an end, but not enough existed, did not cover the entire country and ONTO only had a very small fleet. ONTO now has thousands of cars all over the country and the logistics of having some swap points re-introduced, probably means it’s still going to be a £50 delivery/collection and in truth the car park swap points would be no safer for Covid-19 than a now standard delivery/collection. Delivery/collections are here to stay. Rest in peace swap points.

All third party delivery/collections should be carried out in a COVID safe manner, but as some have said, not every driver complies and you have no way of knowing if they did the whole time they had the car in their possession. Any car I have had delivered (even though COVID safety measures in place) has been thoroughly sanitised by myself before I have used it. Better safe than sorry.


My current car came from Avonmouth, 30 mins from my house, it would be good if there was an option to collect from the depots instead. They could still charge but slightly less. It saves sitting around all day waiting.

These sites are not set up to receive the general public. Health and safety, staffing and having dedicated space etc.

My solution…

Keep the delivery service for those that want it. Maybe have two tiers. £75 for those furthest away from the nearest depot. Continue charging £50 for those that are nearer.

Swap Points at the new Gridserve Electric Forecourts. A lower charge of £25 could apply, as vehicles still need to be taken there. Keys could be left in the amenity building. Vehicles could be left charging on the 22kW AC posts, if enough are available. Gridserve CEO, is an ONTO customer and we’ll soon be getting the Gridserve Charging Card, so a good business relationship is already in place.


O/T, but I’m increasingly thinking - with the rapid roll out of the replacement Electric Highway units - that the Father’s Day surprise could be the Gridserve charging card.


I’m thinking the same thing, but when will those who are not fathers get it? There’s not enough time to change the situation before the 20th, even if you wanted to :wink:

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Is there more than one place that takes the gridserve card though? On zap map I can only see one place Braintree. Wouldn’t be much use to alot of people if it is.

I think the hope/expectation would be that all the new/replacement Electric Highway/Gridserve units would accept it. Which would be quite a significant offer.