Dash Cam - witness to H&R

How do I access the dash cam footage in my car please?
I was witness to a hit and run today and would like to see the reg plate of offending vehicle.

Call Onto ASAP And let them know. Unfortunately it seems it doesn’t run all the time and will only record short clips at times where it gets triggered for various reasons. It may not have been captured, but if you give them a call and let them know the time it occurred they should be able to at least look into it for you.


Before my ZE50 arrived I was contemplating getting my own DashCam installed. A system that could cover the front and back. And one that would record any events that happened while Zoe was parked.

Anyone else considered doing this?


I’ve done this. Garmin 66W (front) and Garmin Mini (rear). Garmin Dash Cams

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How did you wire it up? Does it work when parked?

You can wire them up to the fuse box to be always on, and I tried, but it became a faff especially with a hire vehicle. I just connect USB out of the 12v and hide the cables in the trim.

The Garmin dash cam’s come with a 2 port USB socket connector.