Damages Invoice Blunder

I don’t want to hijack someone else’s post regarding this as mine is a bit of an odd one.

Onto’s damage report and invoice was emailed to me on 25th July 2022 for the accident with a cyclist on 26th May 2022. I promptly paid £1,000 excess on 1st June 2022, but Onto now wants an extra £1,000. After several emails back and forth, Onto apologised for the error of duplicating the cost and said ‘we can remove the OS damage and only bill for the x4 alloys which wasn’t part of the insurance claim.’ Screenshot attached below.

However, they haven’t kept their word and are still trying to bill me for £1k. Obviously, I’d be happy to pay for the x4 alloy wheel kerbing which totals £360, but why try to pull the wool over my eyes and charge £640 extra for nothing? They said they will add credit to my account to offset the OS damage but that’s pointless. What’s the point of charging an extra £640 on top of the alloy damage and then refunding it back?

Onto hasn’t replied to me since 29th July but are still trying to take £1k. It could take months until I receive the credit back. Thankfully, cancelled my card straight after ending the subscription. If they want £360, they can call me and I’ll happily pay… but they haven’t.

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@ns89 Hey there,

I do apologise for this, and it shouldn’t be happening!

I note above that my team advised they will remove the £1000 damage from our invoice excluding the x4 wheels, could you please confirm if this was done and if so that the gents provided you with a new invoice reflecting the change?

Please could you send me your email address used on your Onto account :grin:

@Koda Thank you for pining me this!

Many thanks,


Thank you @Koda! There should be a list of all the staff usernames who have access to this forum at the top of the post or in the sidebar, to make it easier and quicker to tag! Appreciate your help.

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Unfortunately most staff don’t list their job titles on their accounts. So you still typically have to know the right person you need to tag.


Don’t see your name there @Koda :wink: