Damages claim after subscription ends

Hello all,

I am a bit annoyed with the recent damage charges even though the driver who collected the car reported no issues upon initial inspection.

I was wondering if anyone experiencing damage charges after collection?


Did you take photos yourself on collection day? That would be good practice, but if not, you can get in touch with customer services and ask for them to send you a copy of the report that the driver did outside your home on collection day so you can check for any signs of damage in those photos and see if you can prove that they were, or weren’t there at the time that it left your possession.

The driver doesn’t really comment on condition when picking up. It’s not their job. They are literally just there to transport from point A to B, and then when it gets back to the logistics centre it will be cleaned and inspected thoroughly. That is the report that is used for Onto to decide about damages and then pass on the charge if applicable. Of course, If you can prove the damage wasn’t there you can appeal the charge using the email address given at the same time as your damage invoice.

I had a similar issue and Onto were more than reasonable and helped get it sorted for me in the end. Get in touch with them asap with any evidence if you disagree.


Certainly not my experience of the 4 cars I had collected.

Each time the driver inspected the car and noted anything he could spot, and then reported that back to me and got me to digitally sign.


This is what is worrying me.

The only issue with my car is 1 alloy had a scratch on it.
However the delivery driver didn’t mention it.

But I did look through the delivery drivers photos and you can see the scratch in the picture ( just ) but makes me wonder.

I’ve only ever once been asked to sign for a collection. And on that occasion he took my email address and sent me a copy of the collection report but otherwise made no comment about the car.

Previous collections have just been a quick knock to grab the key and then do their own thing. In fact, before the keys were provided, I have had both deliveries and collections where I didn’t even know they had been until I looked outside and saw that a car had either been dumped outside, or picked up and now missing.

I Guess that this is yet another issue that Onto have with outsourcing the logistics. It’s down to how the third party delivery driver wants to interpret the swap/delivery/collection process. And as long as they have the photos that Onto asked for they’ve still basically done the job despite some subscribers having a much more pleasant and thorough experience than others.

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They are meant to follow a defined process, (which is usually well thought out and a step by step process on an app) which will be inspection, pictures and often a video too. Of course it all depends on the weather and the car cleanliness as to how it gets assessed.
Best conditions are dry bright, but not sunny.
I probably have some docs that show this… maybe :thinking:

Pivotal do an impressive report on delivery/collection which you get a copy of soon after the event.

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This might not help you this time but always make sure you take pictures of the car when the driver is there to swap or collect. All four corners and all four sides, plus the top and the bottom from front and back. Then all doors open, the roof, the dash, rear parcel shelf, the boot, and all the ancilliaries. (Cables, locking wheel nuts etc.) I tend to video mine now and take pics off of that as my phone does 4k 60fps but photos alone is good enough.

I also do the same as I collect it from the valeters just in case it’s raining when it’s being collected etc.

I’ve not had any problems with Onto but I’ve had two instances with global hire car companies which photos have saved me. (I have a zero excess thing with my amex but it’s not the point as far as I’m concerned.) The first one was the trim off a skirt on the front of an S class. I hadn’t even noticed it was missing until the returns chap pointed it out. I knew I’d not done it but could see it was missing so checked the pickup pics and eventually I found a still in the video where you could see it was also missing. They had the cheek to tell me I should have reported it when I collected it but I pointed out it wasn’t easy to report what you didn’t see.

The other time I’d dropped off the car out of hours, a week later I got an email saying there was damage and they were charging me for it. I sent in pics but they continued to reject it. Eventually, the day before they were allegedly going to charge me I emailed and copied Amex in saying that it didn’t really have any consequence on me but I’m sure Amex would be interested in hearing how, even with proof they were trying to charge for something that Amex would have to pay for. Within an hour I got an email back saying they were dropping the charges.

Trust but verify!


I had the same with previous cars. Ive had 4 different cars from them and usually, they tell me if they spot anything.

Good Morning @dhrubo

We completely understand the frustration here as it’s never a nice occurrence being emailed regarding damages, however, the drivers aren’t damage assessors nor BVRLA approved and as such they may not comment on damages, however, they do take comprehensive images which we will use to decide liability.

I understand you have been in contact with our maintenance team for the delivery report. If you have any further queries please contact [email protected] via email and they’ll be happy to help.



It’s all well and good saying the drivers aren’t BVRLA Assessors, but what’s to say that any damage that they haven’t spotted on collection, which is picked up by GEFCO has been caused by the driver or the hirer?

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That’s why they take so many photos. It helps Onto confirm if the damage was there upon collection from the subscriber, or if it occured whilst in the care of the delivery driver. That means they can compare these photos to the ones on the damage report that Gefco submit and ensure that the person responsible for the damage is the one who is billed for it to be repaired.

The only time that becomes more of an issue is if the subscriber failed to clean the car ready for collection, or if we are talking about mechanical damage rather than cosmetic. Something that wouldn’t be picked up without either driving the car, or viewing from other angles like beneath the vehicle.


They did this to me too. Car was described as pristine. Then after I left for work. Damage magically appeared. Total joke of a company. I want to warn all potential new members to avoid this scam company.

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