Damaged car?

Has anyone returned a car with minor, scuffs or scrapes? What’s onto policy on this?

If your car has any damage you should report it as soon as you become aware. If you haven’t already done so, use the report feature in the Onto app. It will ask for some photos and a description.

They will assess and let you know what to do next. For minor damages, if it is outside of the BVRLA Fair wear and tear guidelines they will likely just tell you to return the car as normal whenever you’re ready to do so, and at that point they will make a more thorough assessment and charge accordingly for the repairs.

The costs are generally considered to be very reasonable, and are often cheaper than you could get it done (properly) anywhere else by yourself anyways.

Obviously if the damage is more significant, affects the drive or safety of the car, or if you hit another person, vehicle or property then it would be addressed sooner and likely get handled via the insurer instead.


What car are you returning?? :upside_down_face:

I’m not, just wondering in general? How reasonable onto are?

This guide may help you to establish how lenient they are when it comes to minor wear and tear.

As for charges beyond that, as I mentioned above I think they are more than reasonable with the repair costs as I would struggle to find cheaper anywhere myself. Definitely don’t feel like they take advantage of you when it comes to damages.

If excess insurance would be suitable for your needs, that’s another handy option to consider too. It could allow you to claim back the damage costs if you were to get charged. I4CH is the popular choice with most of us here.


@Koda got here before I could! Indeed @Dazr75 please take a look at the fair wear and tear guide as this outlines much of the information you are looking for, and feel free to get in touch with our customer services team on live chat, email, or on 0345 0348 647 if you have any other questions :slight_smile: