Damage reporting

I would see if you could get someone on standby as an alternative for the pick up.

Just on the safe side.

I just had the call about 1 he said he will be here will he find his own way home ? I am total in the sticks with 4 miles to nearest bus

When ours was delivered (in London with plenty of public transport) he had another team member in a car in convoy who drove him back to their delivery depot; I’d expect they do the same for you.

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I took the lady down to the local car higher depot in the town about 6 miles away.

She was going to try and book a taxi … takes ages in our village.

She sat in the back and we both had masks on.

Got chance to discuss the controls and test the car.

The lady who dropped mine off said she had a 3hr walk to pick up her next car but refused a lift as it was not for 6 hours so she wanted to stroll there - it was a Tesla Model S she was off to, so an incentive to wait for it I guess!

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Just wondering if it has turned up yet?

Yes it has 13:20 and I love it just need to wait for activation if the Renault app have been for a drive and love it


That’s good to hear. Glad you’re loving the car!

Great news

Good luck with the Renault activation… I guess some people have it working but wasn’t important to me so I’ve deleted it after waiting a week for activation.

The dash shows how long and how much charge I have when plugged in and that’s all I need.

It’s cold up North so I’m use to freezing in a car on a morning :rofl: plus I’m changing in June to a Kona.

Zap map has been the biggest aid (and the members on here).

Just waiting for my Instavolt card and I’ll be a happy bunny.

Welcome to the EV world :grinning:

Will they send the cards out ?

Presumably you got the BP Pulse and Shell Cards?

I believe new vehicles supplied after the 17th will have the InstaVolt card also included. The rest of us will be sent one in the post, as happened with the Shell Card (although I think some are still waiting).

Yes got both of them and a key

ONTO also said that the Instavolt cards will be sent out to coincide with your renewal date, I think - so you’ll probably be waiting until this time next month.


How much would it cost to charge at genie point if it 35pkwh please

The Ze50 has a 52kWh “usable” battery, there’s a lot of variables - moreso than putting fuel in a regular car.

EVs also charge at different speeds depending on another whole bunch of factors, including the speed of the charger, temperature of the battery, how many % the battery is, the phase of the moon (I’m kidding about the last one)

This page is helpful for talking about charger times and also the “Charging curve” for a rapid charger. https://ev-database.uk/car/1205/Renault-Zoe-ZE50-R135

If you were going from 10->80% , it’s quoting 56minutes. Putting in 70% of your 52kWh capacity at 35p/kWh = (52 * 0.7 * 0.35) £12.74.

Charging at home is likely less than a half the price of that for the same charge, but will take longer.

For a charging strategy, so far mine has been:

  • Find shopping centres which have free/included chargers while you shop (ideally somewhere you can go for a few hours and top it up to near full)
  • Use rapid chargers whenever I’m near a free/included one and plan stops on trips around them (some motorway services, more will come with the Instavolt card and be free)

If you’re able to charge at home, most people would charge overnight / when they get home, which would leave you with a full charge when you set off (assuming it had time to charge)


in theory it is 35p x the power used per KWH and any connection fee (50p) if one.

I charged 42.33KW at a Osprey with Onto card and the fee would have been 15.24 (36p/kw) but I got it free.

It should tell you on the charger or on their website.

From memory earlier Caz are you around Bideford?
If you shop at Tesco, there are free to use Pod-Point chargers (should be 4 bays; two units with two ports each) which if you can take advantage of, you’ll just need to activate your charge through their app for free.

If you can fit it round your routine and plug in there for a few hours that’ll give you a chunk of charge for free. Alternately even if you just have a big shop to do and take an hour, that’ll still add on ~12% to your battery which isn’t bad (provided it takes you less than that to drive to/from!)

EV ownership is quite different to a traditional internal combustion engine (or ICE as people on here will say) vehicle, if you’re anything like us though you’ll soon fall in love with the near silent running and instant power underfoot that comes with EV driving.


Yes thanks you, car is at 50 percent after a drive and delivery miles :slight_smile: so just want to take it to charge it so that bit will be done for the first time :joy::joy:

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