Damage reporting

Friday is del day for gt Zoe it’s a 70 plate so most likely used I guess any pointers to what to look out for in the damage dept and how trivial seeming damage do I report etc do I report absolutely everything I find and what’s deemed fair wear and tear or am I over thinking

Report it all and at least you are safe on the knowledge that you won’t get charged for any of it! Keep your photos too just in case.


Include a ruler or other measurable thing in your photos as extra insurance

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It may still be a brand new car on a 70 plate also. I got my Zoe GT line delivered on 23rd April on a 70 plate with only the delivery miles on the clock. Enjoy your new car when you get it :blush:

How do you know it’s 70 plate mine is coming today and I have no idea yet lol

Spoke to them yesterday couldn’t tell me reg only that it was a 70 plate

Mine has gone on my app now 21plate :slight_smile:

My Zoe GT turned up on the 5th and was a new 70 plate.

Only delivery mileage.

Did it come on time and did the tracking work

On time but the tracking worked sort of.

Jumped about 50 mile in 10 mins ??? but when it got closer to me it refreshed more accurately.

Just keep refreshing every 10 - 15 mins.

The driver will contact you with an update as they like to deliver with over 60% charge.

My tracking hasn’t moved in over 2.5 hours hoping it comes before the 1pm at last tracking it was still 1 hour 50min away

Has it moved from the depot?

Once mine showed movement I was able to follow it with a few location hops as it refreshed.

Not on the onto app no but on the move car app yes about 20 mins or so down the road

I would say that is looking good :ok_hand:

If the battery needs a charge they will call you to say it is charging and will be with you soon or it could just turn up.

That map is incredibly confusing. Don’t show it to any school aged kids. “Yes sir, Plymouth is North of Worcester”


That hasn’t updated on over 2 hours though ? Should I be worried

2 hrs does seem long?

I still think you will get a call soon as it is close to 12

I’m happy it’s not just me who got thrown off by that map and it’s odd orientation!


I hope so have the school run at 3 to do :frowning: