Damage Report

Swapped my car a couple of weeks ago and the driver done his full report of my car on the drive, photos and a full report which I have been sent

The report gave the car a full clean bill of health, however 2 weeks later, I receive a bill from Onto for £233 for light scratches to the front and back bumper, which are clearly visible in the photos they took when the car got returned to the depot

I have disputed this invoice as the photos from the inspector on our drive showed not damage and they clearly say they take photos before and after delivery to eliminate the damage occurring during transit

Has anyone had a similar issue and able to offer any advice on how to deal with this, in case Onto come back and try to tell me the invoice stands

Many Thanks

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Did you take any photos yourself of the vehicle just before it was taken away?


They sent me the original photos on my drive when the car was collected which doesn’t show any damage and also a clear report.

The photos in there depot show the damage indicating it happened in transit

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Hi @GaRic448,

I hope you are well and safe!

Before raising damage charges we will always assess all the images that our courier has supplied, in doing so we only allocate damages that could not be found on the delivery of the vehicle, however, they have been identified on collection.

I am more than happy to take a further look into this for you, could I please request that you email me via the original thread to [email protected]

With the discussion of costs, all our prices are provided at a trade cost and therefore we are very competitive and will struggle to be beaten on costs by any certified repairer.

Many thanks,


Hi @BenR_at_Onto

Sorry to hijack this thread @GaRic448.

I have emailed [email protected] about 5 times for an update on my £1,000 payment paid months ago and no-one is replying to me. Can you help?

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Hi @MisterOaks,

Apologies that you have not had a response, my team handles the turnaround damages processed via our vendor, however, the maintenance team deals with the insurance work.

Whilst it is not my department of expertise I can certainly look into this for you, and request the team to reply.

Could you please email again and address the email to me? In regards to excess refunds, these typically take 6-8 weeks, however, if the third party hasn’t admitted fault it can, unfortunately, have an impact on the lead times!

Many thanks,

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I challenged the damage to the car via the email address you advised and yet no response, until today where I received an email from this address confirming receipt of payment for the damage

I have been with Onto for over a year now but am becoming very disillusioned with the shockingly poor level of customer care

I am seriously looking at cars with Elmo drive who have the Polestar 2 in stock

Disappointed Onto :rage:


Have you called OntO on 0800 030 6840 and spoken to someone, rather than rely on email?

As email is not a guaranteed method of communication, and sometimes gets blocked or just goes into an ether…


Definitely worth a call to mention that @BenR_at_Onto had asked you to follow up via email.

While this forum isn’t an official support channel, the resident community liaison officer @Raheel_at_Onto may also be able to assist in this matter.


Hi @GaRic448,

I am really sorry to hear that!

Please can I request that you reply to the thread, I can look into this today for you?

Many thanks,


Ok, here goes…

Turns out I received a reply at around 10pm on the evening of my appeal to the damage, where the person sent zoomed in photos of the damage which can now be seen on both before and after photos. I thought it was a mud splash on the the photo on the drive but turns out to be cuts into the plastic trim

I owe Onto a huge apology on this forum. Sorry Onto !!!


Oh I feel for you. (That’s just the sort of thing I would have done) But at least it’s resolved for all!

Just sit back and enjoy a Happy Christmas :christmas_tree::+1:


Hi @GaRic448,

Not a problem at all.

I’m glad that I was able to help clear things up for you, apologies I know the late reply had probably not been seen and I have relayed this back to my team!

I wish you all the best over the Christmas period and a very Happy New Year - Stay safe!

Many thanks,
Damages Team :innocent:

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